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"It's the oldest con in the book."

The Spanish Prisoner, an 1997 American suspense film, stars Steve Martin, Campbell Scott and Felicity Huffman, with a screenplay and direction by playwright David Mamet. Joe Ross (Scott), a corporate engineer, has patented a money-making industrial process. During a corporate retreat at an unnamed island resort, a seemingly wealthy stranger named Jimmy Dell (Martin), and a company secretary, Susan Ricci (Rebecca Pidgeon), become acquainted with Joe. A romantic interest between Susan and Joe arises, though nothing between them evolves at once.

Jimmy offers to introduce his sister to Joe, asking Joe to curry a package to her. On the plane ride home, Jimmy opens the package out of curiosity. Back in the states, Jimmy catches up with Joe in the city and takes him out to dinner. Jimmy establishes himself in Joe's eyes as a prospective employer, expressing his belief Joe's company is not compensating him appropriately for his services and talents. To underline his point and his intentions, he opens a Swiss bank account for Joe.

Jimmy arranges a meeting between his lawyer and Joe, asking Joe to bring the sole copy of his industrial process to the meeting. Owing to some investigating on his own part, Joe learns Jimmy's sister doesn't exist and that Joe is merely conducting a scheme to steal Joe's process. Jimmy enlists the help of an FBI agent, Pat McCune, whom he met at the resort, and they concoct a sting. Joe's process is stolen, and he realizes too late that McCune is in on the con and that he's been swindled.

Gorge Lang, the engineer who helped Joe develop the process, is murdered, and Joe is framed. He explains to his boss and the police what has occurred, but they are incredulous. Vowing to prove his innocence and escape any further brushes with the con man who now wants him dead, Joe launches into a thrilling, action-filled run from the law.

| 1997 | 1 hr 50 min | 7.3/10 | 70/100
Campbell Scott, Ricky Jay, Rebecca Pidgeon, Richard L. Friedman
Sony Pictures Classics
David Mamet
The Spanish Prisoner

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