The Tic Code

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The Tic Code is a movie drama about Tourette's Syndrome. In this movie a gifted piano playing boy has the syndrome. A young boy is a piano playing prodigy. His mother allows him to play at a night club with a saxophone player who also has Tourette's Syndrome. The older musician has learned how to hide his tic and resents the mother and boy for their calm refusal to give in to the disease in any way. He and the boy have jazz and the syndrome in common.

Life does not always deal a fair hand. Some accept it and some just resent it.

| 1998 | 1 hr 31 min | 6.5/10 | 64/100
Chris Marquette, Polly Draper, Carol Kane, Desmond Robertson
Gary Winick
Produced By
Karen Tangorra, Michael Wolff
The Tic Code
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Also starring Chris Marquette