The Unquiet

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This terrifying motion picture tells the tale of a woman and her husband who are on the verge of discovering something quite against the grain. The movie is set in and around an abandoned female prison. This prison has been abandoned for quite some time and it is believed to be haunted. Two paranormal debunkers have been called into investigate this womens prison to disprove claims that there are violent ghosts existing there. This husband-and-wife team has made a living out of visiting places that have been said to be haunted, only to disprove those myths. What they find here at the prison is nothing short of shocking.

| 2008 | 1 hr 28 min | 3.8/10
Cara Buono, Chris William Martin, Julia Benson, Michael Teigen
Bill Corcoran
The Unquiet
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Also starring Cara Buono

Also starring Chris William Martin