Too Close To Home

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Nick Donahue is a successful lawyer, 29-years-old and still lives with his mother. It is difficult for him to get away from her ever-protective grasp, and that makes his life a miserable wreck. She dotes on him incessantly and does not want him to ever move away from her. He decides to move out because he cannot deal with her possessiveness. She is not happy about the idea and attempts to commit suicide in order to make him feel guilty so he will stay. While she is still in the hospital, Nick finds a woman that he falls in love with and he rushes into marriage with her to avoid the drama with his mother. He does not know that the drama has not even begun.

1997 | 1 hr 55 min | 6.6/10
Judith Light, Ricky Schroder, Sarah Trigger, Dorothy Gordon
Bill Corcoran
Too Close To Home
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