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  • 1982
  • 27 min

The Voyage of Odysseus is a 1987 film adaptation of Homer's epic poem The Odyssey. The film follows the adventures of Odysseus, a Greek hero, as he makes his way back home after the Trojan War. The movie stars Julie Harris as Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who guides Odysseus on his journey. The movie begins with Odysseus (played by Armand Assante) fighting in the Trojan War. He is eager to return home to his wife Penelope (played by Bernadette Peters) and son Telemachus (played by Eric Roberts). However, Poseidon, the god of the sea, is angry with Odysseus for blinding his son, the Cyclops. Poseidon makes it his mission to prevent Odysseus from returning home, causing him to face many challenges and obstacles on his journey.

With the help of the goddess Athena, Odysseus sets sail on his journey. Along the way, he encounters a variety of characters, including the witch Circe (played by Vanessa Williams), who turns some of his men into pigs, and the alluring Sirens, whose sweet songs lure sailors to their death.

As Odysseus continues on his journey, he must also contend with the wrath of the gods. Poseidon unleashes a storm that wrecks Odysseus' ship, leaving him stranded on an unknown island. Here, he meets the beautiful princess Nausicaa (played by Isabella Rossellini), who helps him build a new ship and sets him on his way.

After many years of hardship and adversity, Odysseus finally makes it back to his beloved Ithaca, where Penelope has been patiently waiting for his return. But Odysseus' troubles are not over yet - he must still face the challenges of regaining his kingdom and proving himself to his people.

Overall, The Voyage of Odysseus is a faithful and captivating adaptation of Homer's classic epic. The talented cast bring the characters to life, and the stunning locations and special effects transport viewers to Ancient Greece. With its themes of bravery, loyalty, and perseverance in the face of adversity, this movie is a timeless tale that will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.

The Voyage of Odysseus is a 1982 family movie with a runtime of 27 minutes.

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