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The movie called Tom Sawyer came out in 2000. The film begins with Tom Sawyer and Sid walking to school, and they encounter Huckleberry Fin fishing in the river. At first Tom decides to miss school so he can fish, but he shortly thereafter changes his mind when he encounters Becky Thatcher. He tries to sneak into the classroom, but Sid tells their teacher. The teacher thinks its a punishment for Tom, but he wants to sit close to Becky. Tom's fog ends up disrupting the entire class.

While they are walking home, he leans to kiss Becky, but Becky's father disrupts it. Tom wants to go fishing with his pals, but his Aunt Polly makes him paint their entire house for trying to skip school. Tom's pals end up painting the house. When Tom and Huck go treasure hunting, they encounter Mutt Potter and Injurin' Joe with a pott of gold. Deputy Bean goes to visits her wife's grave, and encounters the boys' illegal activity. Joe ends up killing Bean, but he frames Mutt for it.

Fearing for their own life, Tom and Huck never to tell anyone about what happened that night in the graveyard. The following day, Tom confessions to a crime that Becky did, and Tom gets spanked. The two of them get engaged, but she calls it off when Tom admits he hasn't been faithful. Huck and Tom decide to go visit Mutt in prison because he's going to be executed shortly for Bean's murder. Mutt claims he doesn't remember the murder. Tom and Huck are able to get away on a raft.

When the duo return to town, they find out that everyone in town they have drown. They go to their own funeral services to a joyous reunion with everyone. Mutt is going to be hung, but Tom and Huck testify against Joe. Mutt becomes a free man, and they are hailed as heroes. Becky and Tom go into a cave, and they find treasure. The town people go looking for them in the case. Becky is Tom's girlfriend and Amy is Huck's girlfriend. Sid tries too tell on Tom again, but Aunt Polly punishes Sid with the house painting chore. The ending to the film is the respective four main characters go on a picnic together. Tom is plotting another treasure hunt. You will have to watch the ending to see what happens!

| 2000 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.1/10
Rhett Akins, Mark Wills, Lee Ann Womack, Hynden Walch
Phil Mendez, Paul Sabella

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