Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11

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"Tragedy + Time + Comedy = Healing."
  • 2021
  • 6.6  (131)

Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11 is a comedy-drama film directed by Nick Scown and produced by Jeff Vespa. The film is set in the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, that shook the world to its core. In the years that followed, people across the United States tried to make sense of what had happened, and comedians played a vital role in helping them cope with the trauma and grief.

The movie follows the life of Estee Adoram, a comedian who is struggling to come to terms with the impact of the 9/11 tragedy on her life and career. Adoram is known for her sharp wit and humor, but the events of 9/11 have left her at a loss for words. She feels that there is no way for her to make people laugh in the face of such immense tragedy.

As a result, Adoram decides to take a break from comedy and focus on other things. But her close friend and fellow comedian, Ahmed Ahmed, encourages her to get back on stage and try to make people laugh again. He believes that laughter is the best medicine, and that comedians have a responsibility to help people cope with difficult times.

The film also features Rory Albanese, a producer and writer who worked on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during the aftermath of 9/11. Albanese reflects on the challenges that he and the rest of the show's staff faced in trying to navigate the sensitive subject matter while also being true to their comedic style.

One of the main themes of the movie is the idea of 'too soon' - when is it acceptable to joke about something as tragic as 9/11? The film explores the various opinions of comedians, producers, and audiences on this topic. Some believe that humor is the best way to deal with trauma, while others feel that it is inappropriate to make light of such a serious event.

Throughout the film, we see Adoram struggle with this question. She wants to make people laugh and bring a sense of joy to their lives, but she also doesn't want to offend anyone or come across as insensitive. Her journey to finding the right balance between humor and sensitivity is one of the most compelling aspects of the movie.

The film is expertly crafted, with a mix of interviews, archival footage, and comedic sketches. The pacing is excellent, and the film manages to strike a balance between being thought-provoking and entertaining. The performances from Adoram, Ahmed, and Albanese are all top-notch, and their chemistry is evident on screen.

Overall, Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11 is a captivating film that explores an important and often overlooked aspect of the aftermath of 9/11. It reminds us of the healing power of humor and the important role that comedians play in our society. Whether you're a fan of comedy or simply interested in exploring the impact of 9/11 on popular culture, this film is definitely worth a watch.

Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11
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