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  • 1970
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Trash is a 1970 film directed by Paul Morrissey and starring Joe Dallesandro, Holly Woodlawn, and Geri Miller. The movie is a part of Morrissey's trilogy of films that explore gender identity and sexual politics, including Flesh (1968) and Heat (1972). Trash takes a gritty look at the lives of a group of heroin-addicted friends living in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

The film opens with Joe, played by Joe Dallesandro, waking up next to his girlfriend Geri, played by Geri Miller. Joe goes out to score some drugs and picks up a transvestite named Holly, played by Holly Woodlawn, on the street. The three of them go back to their apartment, where it is revealed that Geri is pregnant and addicted to heroin.

Joe and Holly go out to sell some stolen goods to support themselves and Geri's addiction. They encounter various characters on the street, including a junkie prostitute and a woman who hires them to clean up her apartment. Throughout their adventures, Joe and Holly become increasingly disillusioned with their lives and begin to question their identities.

The film is notable for its exploration of gender and sexuality. Holly's character is a transvestite and is referred to using both male and female pronouns throughout the film. The film also features a scene where Holly and Geri engage in sexual activity, which was highly controversial at the time of the film's release.

Trash is also notable for its use of improvisation and naturalistic dialogue. The film was shot on a low budget and features non-actors in many of the roles, which gives the film a sense of authenticity and realism. The film also features a soundtrack of music by The Velvet Underground, which was a favorite band of director Paul Morrissey.

Overall, Trash is a gritty and bleak look at the lives of drug addicts in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The film is notable for its exploration of gender identity and sexual politics and is a part of Paul Morrissey's trilogy of films on these themes. The film's use of improvisation and naturalistic dialogue gives it a sense of authenticity, and its soundtrack by The Velvet Underground is a highlight of the film.

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