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Based on a series of Brazilian television shows, Trilogy of Terror was adapted and directed by Jose Mojica Marins. The movie contains three short movies that detail the terror of one person and their struggles to overcome their greatest fears. The first movie, called "The Agreement", is a short movie story about desperate woman who is losing her only son to illness. She becomes so desperate to ensure his survival and her motherhood that she loses her senses and makes a blood pack with the devil. In exchange for her son's life, she will deliver to the devil a young virgin woman as a sacrifice. The Agreement is about how she chooses the woman, tricks her, and delivers her into the hands of the devil. The agreement is the longest of the three movies at a total of 40 minutes long. The second movie, called "The Procession of Dead", tells the story of a small village in Brazil that are terrorized by guerrilheiros (also known as guerilla ghosts). The guerilla ghosts infest the minds and consciousness of the local villagers terrorizing them with fear. A laborer in the town is the only man in the village who is strong enough to confront the guerilla ghosts. The Procession of the Dead is the shortest of the three movies at only 20 minutes long. The third and final movie, "Macabre Nightmare", is the story of how one man is faced with his three greatest fears: snakes, spiders and being buried alive. However, a terrifying accident leaves him in a state of terrorized shock. The village people, believing him to be dead, bury him only for him to awake after being buried. His screams of fear and terror go unheard by the villagers and he must find his way out before it is too late. At 30 minutes long, Macabre Nightmare, is the second longest of the movies.

1968 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.5/10
Jose Mojica Marins, Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias
Trilogy of Terror