Tunnel Vision

"Laugh or get off the pot."

Tunnel Vision is a mystery thriller movie. There are two murders in an art gallery. Two murders are committed in an art gallery. The detectives assigned to the case begin to realize this is the work of a serial killer. This killer has decided to show the artistic side of life by posing his victims as pieces of art. The detectives must follow the art clues and find the killer before more people die.

The focus of this movie is on a serial killer using real life murder to imitate art. Two detectives are desperate to stop the killer before more people are forced to strike deadly poses.

| 1995 | 1 hr 10 min | 5.1/10
Phil Proctor, Howard Hesseman, Beans Morocco, Stephen Feinberg
MVD Music Video
Bradley R. Swirnoff, Clive Fleury
Tunnel Vision
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Also starring Phil Proctor

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Tunnel Vision trailer|2:31
Tunnel Vision trailer|2:31