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"A Down Home Comedy That's Out of This World!"
  • PG
  • 1981
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.2  (502)

UFOria is a science-fiction movie that was released in 1984. The movie stars Cindy Williams, Harry Dean Stanton, and Fred Ward. Directed by John Binder and written by Stuart Gordon and Ed Naha, UFOria is set in the American Southwest and explores the theme of alien abductions. The movie begins with a woman, played by Cindy Williams, who is driving through the desert. She cuts her hand on a glass bottle and stops at a gas station to get it treated. The gas station is run by a man named Sheldon, played by Harry Dean Stanton, who is fascinated by aliens and UFOs. Sheldon tells the woman about the strange things he has seen in the desert and convinces her to join him on a trip to a remote location where he believes he can contact aliens.

The two of them set out on a journey that takes them through a strange landscape of colorful rock formations and strange phenomena. Along the way, they encounter various characters who are also obsessed with aliens. These characters include a group of hippies, a police officer, and a man who claims to be an alien contactee.

As Sheldon and the woman get closer to their destination, they begin to experience strange occurrences that suggest they may be in the presence of extraterrestrial beings. They see strange lights in the sky, hear strange noises, and see unusual symbols etched into the landscape.

When they finally arrive at their destination, Sheldon attempts to make contact with the aliens using a strange device he has built. However, things take an unexpected turn and the two of them are forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about themselves and their beliefs.

The movie is a quirky and surreal exploration of the theme of alien abductions. The desert landscape is richly evoked and creates an eerie atmosphere that perfectly complements the strange events that occur. The movie is also notable for its offbeat characters, each of whom brings their own unique perspective on the mystery of UFOs.

Cindy Williams gives a strong performance as the skeptical woman who is initially reluctant to believe in aliens but is gradually drawn in by Sheldon's enthusiasm. Harry Dean Stanton is also excellent as the eccentric gas station owner, bringing a sense of gravitas to the role and imbuing Sheldon with a sense of quiet determination.

Fred Ward also delivers a standout turn as a mysterious character who helps Sheldon and the woman on their journey. His performance is suitably enigmatic, adding to the overall sense of mystery and otherworldliness that permeates the movie.

Overall, UFOria is a unique and engaging science-fiction movie that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. Its subtle exploration of the theme of alien abductions sets it apart from other movies in the same vein and its offbeat characters and surreal imagery make for a truly memorable cinematic experience.

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