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"Uljhan" is a classic Hindi drama film that was released in 1975. Directed by Raghunath Jhalani, the movie features a stellar cast including the legendary Ashok Kumar, the versatile Sanjeev Kumar, and the talented Sulakshana Pandit in important roles. The film is intricately woven around the themes of romance, mystery, and the quest for justice, combined with the elements of suspense and moral dilemmas. It delves into the complexities of human relationships and the psychological intricacies that come with them. The title "Uljhan," which translates to "The Complication" or "Tangle," sets the tone for the narrative that unfolds, involving complicated situations and moral ambiguity.

The story of "Uljhan" revolves around the character of Karuna (played by Sulakshana Pandit), a young and attractive woman who finds herself embroiled in a series of unexpected turn of events. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she is implicated in a crime that she may or may not have committed. As events unfold, Karuna's predicament becomes central to the plot, giving the audience a peek into the challenges and ordeals faced by women, particularly when it comes to matters of law and society.

Enter Sanjeev Kumar's character, a determined and righteous police inspector who is assigned to unravel the truth behind the crime that Karuna is accused of. Sanjeev Kumar plays his role with remarkable finesse, as he brings to life a character that embodies integrity and a strong sense of duty. Throughout the investigation, his character maintains an unwavering quest for the truth, even as he encounters numerous obstacles and layers of deceit that accompany the case.

Beside Sanjeev Kumar's upright inspector, the venerable Ashok Kumar portrays a pivotal character with commanding presence and gravitas. As the narrative progresses, his role becomes increasingly significant to the plot, contributing to its numerous twists and turns. Ashok Kumar's seasoned performance adds depth to the film, engaging viewers with his nuanced portrayal of his character.

As Karuna's predicament grows more complicated, "Uljhan" intensifies with suspense. The viewer is kept on the edge of their seat, trying to piece together the puzzle that the movie presents. The film's director, Raghunath Jhalani, skillfully manages to retain the suspense, teasing the audience with clues, yet never giving away too much too soon.

Integral to the film is also its music, which beautifully melds with the dramatic narrative. Composed by the talented Kalyanji Anandji, the music of "Uljhan" contributes significantly to its ambience and emotional resonance. The songs penned by lyricist M. G. Hashmat range from soulful melodies to lively tracks, each adding a different hue to the tapestry of the movie's storytelling.

Woven within this main fabric are the intricate side stories and the relationships between the various characters, which add layers to the central plot. The movie also reflects on societal norms, ethics, and the human propensity for both good and evil. "Uljhan" analyses the impacts of our choices and the unforeseen consequences that can ripple through the lives of individuals.

Sulakshana Pandit's portrayal of Karuna brings a sense of vulnerability and strength to her character, painting a portrait of a woman who finds resilience amidst adversity. Her performance is central to the audience's emotional connection with the story, as she battles the injustice and suspicion cast upon her.

"Uljhan" is also a reflection of the era it was made in, showcasing aspects of Indian society during the mid-1970s. While the fashion, dialogues, and social interactions are indicative of that time period, the core themes of the film remain timeless and relevant.

Incorporating a compelling blend of drama, emotion, and a subtle societal critique, "Uljhan" stands as a formidable entry in the annals of Indian cinema history. Its appeal lies not just within its suspenseful storyline but also in the convincing performances delivered by its celebrated cast.

The movie offers not only entertainment but also food for thought, prompting the viewer to ponder on the larger question of truth and the shades of grey that are part of human nature. "Uljhan" is a movie that promises to engage, involve, and stay with the audience long after the end credits have rolled. Its intricate narrative and exceptional performances make it a must-watch for aficionados of classic Indian cinema.

Uljhan is a 1975 drama. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

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