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  • 1963
  • 6.9  (172)

Gumrah, released in 1963, is a Bollywood drama-thriller movie directed by B. R. Chopra. It is a film that revolves around the consequences of adultery and deceit. The movie marks the first-ever collaboration between legendary actors Ashok Kumar and Sunil Dutt. Mala Sinha plays the female lead in the film. The movie opens with the story of Meena (played by Mala Sinha), who is married to Ashok (played by Sunil Dutt). Meena's brother, Ramesh (played by Deven Verma), is a struggling writer who is jealous of Ashok's success. Ramesh finds an old friend of his, Prakash (played by Ashok Kumar), who is now a wealthy businessman, and the two join forces to bring Ashok and Meena's marriage to an end.

Prakash uses his money and influence to lure Meena into having an extramarital affair with him. But, when Meena's conscience starts to bother her, she decides to confess everything to her husband. Ashok is left shattered after this revelation and decides to leave Meena, but not before confronting Prakash. What follows is a dramatic confrontation between the two men, where Prakash tries to justify his actions, but Ashok refuses to accept his reasons.

The movie further explores the theme of redemption as Ashok tries to rebuild his life without Meena. He starts a new job and begins to find a new purpose in life. But, just when things seem to be looking up for him, tragedy strikes, and he is forced to confront the ghosts of his past.

Gumrah is a beautifully crafted movie that delves into complex themes such as love, betrayal, and redemption. It is a thought-provoking movie that raises questions about the moral ambiguities of human relationships. The performances of all the lead actors stand out, and their chemistry on screen is top-notch. Ashok Kumar delivers yet another iconic performance as Prakash, the wealthy businessman who is consumed by his desire for Meena. Mala Sinha, who plays the female lead, is a revelation in her portrayal of Meena, a woman who is torn between her love for her husband and her desire for something more. Sunil Dutt, as Ashok, gives a nuanced and understated performance that perfectly captures the turmoil and pain of a man who has been betrayed by the woman he loves.

The music of the film, composed by Ravi, is another highlight of the movie. The songs 'Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se' and 'Aap Aaye to Khayal-e-Dil-e-Nashad Aaya' are still popular with music lovers today.

Gumrah was a critical and commercial success upon its release and is considered a classic of Hindi cinema. It was also remade in Tamil as Marakka Mudiyuma in 1965, and in Telugu as Mulugu Veta in 1984.

In conclusion, Gumrah is a must-watch movie for lovers of Hindi cinema. It is a beautifully crafted work of art that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. The film's message of redemption and the complexity of human relationships still resonates with audiences today, almost 60 years after its release.

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