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  • 1978
  • 5.9  (55)

Karmayogi a Bollywood film that tells a story about a man named Shanker, who resides in a small town with his family, awaiting the birth of his new child. However, Shanker and Durga have two different perspectives in life, while he lives for the moment to make the most of life, Durga on the other hand, believes that karma will come back to haunt later in life, due to present actions.

With not much in common, the couple argued daily, until one day Shanker gets to a breaking point and walks out on his wife and takes his son with him. Durga finally delivers a baby boy named Ajay and moves to another location since she can no longer afford to live there. Meanwhile, years later Shanker and Mohan venture off into a city of crime, but when Shanker is shot and killed the blame is pointed at Ajay.

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    5.9  (55)