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In Jawab, a Bollywood film, Ashwani, a poor man, and his wife struggle to get by while raising their young son. When they have a daughter they can not afford the father goes to a wealthy widower that is his employer and asks him to adopt her. The man agrees and later moves to Bombay. Years later Ashwani is alone having lost his wife and son in a fire. He adopts a young man and names him Ravi after his deceased son. He decides to send his adopted son to college in Bombay, where he meets and falls in love with Ashwani's biological daughter. Things get interesting when Ashwani asks her adopted father for permission for Ravi to marry her.

1995 | | 3.4/10
Raaj Kumar, Karisma Kapoor, Harish, Mukesh Khanna
Ajay Kashyap
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Also starring Raaj Kumar