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  • 1966
  • 6.4  (136)

Aaye Din Bahar Ke is a romantic drama film from 1966 that features Asha Parekh, Dharmendra, and Balraj Sahni in the leading roles. The film was directed by Raghunath Jhalani and produced by J. Om Prakash. It tells the story of a young woman named Chanda (played by Asha Parekh) who falls in love with a wealthy man named Kailash (played by Dharmendra).

The film begins with Chanda, a young and talented singer, performing at a local concert. Kailash, who happens to be in the audience, is instantly drawn to her beauty and talent. Soon after, Kailash offers Chanda a job to sing at his club, and the two begin to spend more time together. They fall in love with each other, but their love is not easy. Kailash's mother, played by Nirupa Roy, disapproves of Chanda, primarily because she is from a lower-class background. Kailash tries to convince his mother that Chanda is perfect for him, but she remains stubborn and refuses to accept their relationship.

Meanwhile, Chanda's father, played by Balraj Sahni, is struggling to pay off a loan and keep his home from getting repossessed. Kailash offers to help, but Chanda's father refuses his help, knowing that Kailash's mother would never accept their daughter. The story then takes a dramatic turn when Chanda's father is falsely accused of stealing from Kailash and is arrested. Chanda and Kailash work together to prove her father's innocence and save their relationship.

The film is known for its beautiful songs, composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, and sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, and Asha Bhosle. The most popular song from the film is "Yeh Kali Jab Talak Phool Banke Khile," which became an instant hit upon its release. The film's cinematography and direction are also noteworthy, as they capture the beauty of rural India, with stunning visuals of fields, rivers, and mountains.

Aaye Din Bahar Ke is a classic Bollywood film that showcases the power of love and how it can overcome all obstacles. The chemistry between Asha Parekh and Dharmendra is palpable, and their performances make the audience root for their love story. Balraj Sahni's portrayal of Chanda's father is also remarkable and adds a layer of depth to the film. The themes of class divide and family values are relevant even today, making Aaye Din Bahar Ke a timeless classic.

In conclusion, Aaye Din Bahar Ke is a heartwarming and entertaining film that showcases the best of Bollywood. From its beautiful songs and picturesque locations to its talented cast and compelling story, the film is a must-watch for any Bollywood fan. The film's universal message of love conquering all obstacles is sure to resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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