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Pratigya is a Hindi action comedy drama that was written by Shafiq Ansari, Nabendu Ghosh and Kanwar Ajit Singh. Produced by Dharmendra and B.S Dahal, the movie was directed by Dulal Guha. The movie features Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Nasir Hussain and Johnny Walker. The story follows Ajit Singh (played by Dharmendra) who is an uneducated, working class truck driver. He learns that he is the only survivor of a police officer who had several sons. He was murdered by a group of thugs in a tragic accident. His adoptive mother is able to tell him before dying that the entire family was also killed by the thugs that killed his father. The group was led by Bharat Thakur. Ajit then swears that he will do whatever it takes to avenge his father and family's murder. Ajit runs into a police Inspector, D'souza (played by Satyen Kappu). He is fatally injured and dies while protecting the ammunition he was to use at Dinapur village to install a police station and try to end the corruption there. He bequeaths to Ajit all of the weaponry so that he can continue his efforts to right the many wrongs that have occurred at the hands of Thakur and his thugs. Ajit uses the new stash of grenades and guns to help him to pose as a policeman. This will make it possible for him to enlist the aid of the villagers to help him exact revenge upon Thakur. He falls in love with a pretty and feisty villager, Radha (played by Hema Malini). However, she is the niece of nemesis, Bharat Thakur. Despite her family, she despises his evil ways, supporting efforts to thwart him. Thakur is a conniving man who no one trusts. Chandi, a drunkard spies on the goings on for Thakur in exchange for whiskey. Finally, a struggle between Ajit and Bharat ensues and Ajit is able to exact revenge for the murder of his family.

1975 | | 7.2/10
Dulal Guha