Ullathai Allitha

Ullathai Allitha is a Tamil comedy movie which is pictured around a father and son relationship. Raja, who is the only son of Colonial Chandrasekhar, is controlled by his father for even a meager decision. When his father forced him to marry a girl of his choice, Raja runs away to Ooty. Raja and his friend Vasu create a confusion among Indu who he was supposed to marry and her father Viswanathan. Unaware of the truth, Viswanathan misunderstands that Vasu is his would-be son-in-law and Raja is his driver. This fun filled movie fills in a lot of humor and thrill.

| 1996 | | 7.8/10
Goundamani, Karthik, Rambha
Sundar C.
Ullathai Allitha
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Also starring Goundamani

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Azhagiya Laila - Ullathai Allitha Tamil Song - Karthik, Rambha|4:33