Unbecoming Age

"An unforgettable comedy about a woman who forgot how old she was, and remembered how young she is."
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Unbecoming Age is a comedy movie about an advertising executive and his wife. Julie is the wife of an advertising executive who believes she lives a life of leisure. She works hard to make a home for their family but he is not there to see it. He is too busy working. She refuses to talk about her age and suddenly makes major changes in her life. These changes take her husband by surprise.

Every woman reaches an age she believes is unbecoming. When that age is reached it may be time for some big changes for her, whether or not her husband approves.

| 1992 | 1 hr 32 min | 4.0/10
Diane Salinger, John Calvin, Colleen Camp, Priscilla Pointer
Alfredo Ringel, Deborah Ringel
Produced By
Alfredo Ringel, Deborah Ringel
Unbecoming Age
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Also starring Diane Salinger