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  • 2017
  • 2 hr 6 min
  • 5.9  (60)

Viswasapoorvam Mansoor is a Malayalam drama film released in 2017. The film is directed by P.T. Kunju Muhammed and produced by Jipson Jamal and Jiss Jose under the banner of J J Productions. The movie features Akash.V.H., Shivaji Guruvayoor, Santhosh Keezhattoor in major roles, with a supporting cast of actors including Indrans, Sudheer Karamana, Asha Aravind, and others.

The story is set in a small village in Kerala called Mansoor where the protagonist, a young boy Mansoor, played by Akash.V.H. lives with his ill mother, played by Asha Aravind. Mansoor is a talented football player who dreams of playing for the Indian football team. However, his dreams come to a halt when his mother's illness becomes severe, and he has to give up his studies to take care of her.

Uncle Ibrahim, played by Shivaji Guruvayoor, offers to help Mansoor and his mother, and he manages to arrange for Mansoor to play football for the local team. But things take an unexpected turn when Mansoor's friend Unni, played by Santhosh Keezhattoor, dies in a truck accident, and the villagers think it is because of Mansoor's football practice that caused his death.

The incident turns the entire village against Mansoor and his uncle, and they face multiple challenges in their attempt to clear their names. The story then unfolds as Mansoor and his uncle try to prove their innocence and win back the trust of the villagers.

The movie's title, Viswasapoorvam Mansoor, translates to 'Mansoor, the faithful,' and the film revolves around the themes of loyalty, friendship, and perseverance. The film's narrative is compelling, and it captures the essence of rural life in Kerala, including the customs, traditions, and the dynamics between the villagers.

The acting by the entire cast is impressive, with Akash.V.H. delivering an exceptional performance as Mansoor. His portrayal of a young boy determined to fulfill his dreams while taking care of his mother is heartwarming and emotional. Shivaji Guruvayoor's performance as Uncle Ibrahim is also noteworthy, with his portrayal of a man trying to help Mansoor at all costs.

The direction by P.T. Kunju Muhammed deserves a special mention, as he has managed to create a realistic and touching portrayal of life in a small village in Kerala. The cinematography is also impressive, with the picturesque rural landscapes adding to the film's overall aesthetic.

The music by Ramesh Narayan is another highlight of the film, with the soulful tracks perfectly capturing the emotions of the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

In conclusion, Viswasapoorvam Mansoor is a heartwarming and emotional tale that beautifully captures the essence of rural life in Kerala. It is a must-watch for lovers of Malayalam cinema and those who appreciate a well-told story with strong themes of loyalty, friendship, and perseverance.

Viswasapoorvam Mansoor
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    2 hr 6 min
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    5.9  (60)