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  • 1962
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 5.2  (151)

War Gods Of Babylon is a 1962 American-Italian film directed by Silvio Amadio. The movie is set in ancient Mesopotamia, where a struggle for power and influence takes place among the priests, warriors, and rulers who must also face external threats from neighboring civilizations. The film begins with the king of Babylon, played by Marco Guglielmi, consulting an oracle to find out who will succeed him on the throne. The oracle prophesizes that the king's son, Prince Sammuramat, played by Howard Duff, will become the next ruler. However, the king's brother, Prince Ahtur, played by Franco Ressel, is not pleased with this prophecy since he covets the throne for himself.

Prince Ahtur decides to form an alliance with the king of the Hittites, King Sargon, played by Luciano Marin. The king of the Hittites is known for his formidable army and his desire to expand his kingdom. Together they intend to attack Babylon and seize the throne from Prince Sammuramat.

To make matters worse, a group of raiders from the desert known as the Elamites are also threatening Babylon. The Elamites have long been bitter foes of Babylon and are known for their pillaging and looting.

Prince Sammuramat, who is in love with Priestess Sumeria, played by Jocelyn Lane, is determined to protect Babylon from both the Hittites and the Elamites. He must assemble a powerful army to repel the invaders and maintain order within the city.

The film is filled with stunning battle scenes, featuring horsemen, chariots, and armies clashing with swords and spears. The costumes and sets are lavish, and the film does an excellent job of transporting the viewer back in time to ancient Mesopotamia.

One of the film's standout performances is by Howard Duff, who portrays Prince Sammuramat with conviction and charisma. He appears both fearless and honorable as he leads his armies into battle. His chemistry with Jocelyn Lane, who plays the priestess Sumeria, is also noteworthy.

Jocelyn Lane brings a sense of grace and beauty to her character, and she is not just a decoration on the screen. She plays an active role in the story and is capable of holding her ground against Prince Ahtur and the Hittite king. Her relationship with Prince Sammuramat is also an integral part of the movie's plot.

Luciano Marin delivers an impressive performance as the cold and calculating King Sargon of the Hittites. His character is ambitious, driven, and cruel, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Franco Ressel does an excellent job of portraying Prince Ahtur, the king's scheming brother, who is willing to betray his own family to gain the throne.

The musical score by Carlo Franci is also exceptional, and it adds tension and drama to the film's many fight scenes. The film is a classic sword and sandal epic that will appeal to fans of historical dramas and action movies.

Overall, War Gods Of Babylon is an entertaining and engaging movie that is worth watching. It has excellent performances, stunning visuals, and an exciting storyline that keeps the viewer engaged throughout. If you are a fan of classic Hollywood epics or ancient history, War Gods Of Babylon is a must-see film.

War Gods Of Babylon
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