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  • R
  • 1970
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 4.2  (751)

Weekend with the Babysitter is a 1970 feature film that ventures into the tumultuous era of sexual revolution and changing societal norms. Directed by Don Henderson, the film stars George E. Carey, Susan Romen, and James Almanzar, and falls squarely into the drama genre with its exploration of adult themes such as infidelity, the generational gap, and the quest for personal fulfillment.

The plot centers on Jim Carlton, portrayed by George E. Carey, a middle-aged, disillusioned television director who finds himself stuck in a loveless marriage with a wife more interested in maintaining a certain social status than nurturing their relationship. Jim is a man who seems to have it all on the surface—a career, family, and a home in the suburbs, but there's an undeniable sense of something missing in his life, an emptiness that his career successes can't fill.

Susan Romen plays Candy, the young and spirited babysitter hired to take care of Jim's child. She stands in stark contrast to the adult world Jim inhabits—a world she views as hypocritical and stifling. With her presence, Candy introduces a breath of fresh air into Jim's stagnant routine. She's not just there to watch over the child; instead, she offers Jim a window into her free-spirited way of life, which is full of energy, passion, and a zest for adventure.

James Almanzar rounds out the main cast, although specifics of his role are less highlighted compared to the dominant dynamic between Jim and Candy. However, his character plays a part in the tangled relationships and serves to move the narrative forward as crucial themes of the 1970s are explored.

Over the course of a weekend, the movie delves into the interactions between Jim and Candy as they get to know each other. What starts as a routine babysitting job quickly escalates into a journey of self-discovery for both characters—but from very different perspectives. Jim is confronted with the stark reality of his own life choices, and Candy serves as the catalyst for his introspection and longing for change.

The social context of the 1970s is an essential backdrop for the film. This was a time when traditional family structures and gender roles were being questioned, and Weekend with the Babysitter captures the essence of this cultural shift. Throughout the movie, we see Jim grapple with the expectations of his generation while being tempted by the liberated worldview Candy represents.

The film doesn't shy away from exploring mature themes, including substance use and counter-cultural movements that were hallmarks of the era. As Jim and Candy's relationship unfolds, the narrative dives into areas of moral ambiguity, and ethical dilemmas, all through the lens of personal relationships. The contrast between the main characters portrays the generational divide of the time, highlighting the starkly different values and life experiences that separate the older and younger generations.

Visually, Weekend with the Babysitter captures the zeitgeist of the time, showcasing the fashion, décor, and lifestyle of the period. The aesthetics, from costume design to set pieces, exude a distinct 1970s vibe, sinking the audience deeper into the setting. The camera work is reflective of the changing styles of cinema during that time, with a possible blend of conventional framing and innovative shots that emphasize the emotional landscape of the characters.

Musically, one can expect a soundtrack that resonates with the times, featuring tracks that could range from groovy and upbeat to more reflective and melancholic tunes that underline the central themes of the movie. These musical choices not only serve to underscore the on-screen drama but also further situate the film within its time period, providing an aural representation of the generation gap at the story's heart.

While Weekend with the Babysitter may not be widely known today, it serves as a time capsule giving audiences a glimpse into the complexities and transitional nature of the early '70s. It's a film that both reflects its time and uses its characters to dissect and discuss the broader social changes that were occurring. For viewers interested in period pieces that tackle the questions of personal liberation, societal conformity, and the consequences of pursuing one's desires against the grain of societal expectations, this movie presents a compelling narrative. Although the film deals with adult subject matter, its reflection on timeless issues of happiness, fulfillment, and the eternal quest for understanding makes it a piece still relevant for viewers exploring the human condition through cinema.

Weekend with the Babysitter
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