Weighed but Found Wanting

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  • 1974
  • 2 hr 9 min
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Weighed but Found Wanting is a classic drama movie made in the Philippines in 1974 that tells the life of two women who are close to each other but are living contrasting lives. The movie, directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Lino Brocka, showcases two actresses who are known for their groundbreaking performances in Philippine cinema, namely Lolita Rodriguez and Lilia Dizon. Lolita Rodriguez stars as Melba, a single mother who works as a prostitute to make ends meet for her and her daughter. Lilia Dizon, on the other hand, portrays her best friend and fellow sex worker, Sally.

The movie explores the difficult lives of Melba and Sally and the rest of the women working at the brothel where they are employed. Weighed but Found Wanting also delves into the social issues that pushed these women into their profession, such as poverty, lack of education, and societal ostracism.

Melba's character is established as a strong and independent woman who is trying her best to provide for her daughter while navigating the challenges of the life she has chosen for herself. Meanwhile, Sally's character is portrayed as weak and more vulnerable, often relying on Melba for support.

The film's plot revolves around the sudden arrival of Melba's old flame, played by Eddie Garcia, into her life. As they rekindle their relationship, Melba starts to believe that she can leave prostitution behind and start a new life with him. However, the harsh reality of their social standing becomes apparent, and she realizes that escaping the life she has carved for herself is not as easy as she thought.

Weighed but Found Wanting provides a glimpse of the struggles of women in the lower echelons of society in 1970s Philippines. The movie is known for its realistic depiction of the lives of sex workers, which was a stark contrast to the typical portrayal of prostitutes as sex objects in mainstream films during that time.

The cinematography, coupled with the excellent acting of Lolita Rodriguez and Lilia Dizon, portrays the inner turmoil of their characters' lives. The lack of facilities and amenities is evident in the shoddy and dark alley that serves as their place of work. The film's grim depiction of prostitution, poverty, and society's disregard for women is both raw and unsettling.

Weighed but Found Wanting was an essential film during its time because it helped to raise awareness of the issues that plagued Philippine society, particularly the circumstances that drove women to prostitution. It also created a social impact and initiated a broader conversation about the treatment of sex workers and the need to provide them with better options for their livelihood.

In conclusion, Weighed but Found Wanting is a thought-provoking and emotionally driven movie that offers a vivid peek into the harsh reality of the women in the sex industry in the 1970s in the Philippines. It is a bold film that tackled sensitive issues during its time and remains relevant even today. The acting performances and the stark cinematography make the film an unforgettable classic.

Weighed but Found Wanting
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