Whale Music

"Love takes you places you never expected to go."
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This film is about a reclusive musician that lives alone in a large mansion near the ocean and spends his days composing music for whales. He has lived a solitary life after he lost his brother to suicide and he has neglected the house and his personal health for many years. This all changes when a mysterious woman shows up at the house one day. He is very nervous and fears she might be insane. He finds out that she is mentally stable and allows her to stay. She spends a great deal of time cleaning up the house and helping the man reconnect with his love of music and whales.

1994 | 1 hr 47 min | 7.0/10
Maury Chaykin, Cynthia Preston, Paul Gross, Jennifer Dale
Richard J. Lewis
Produced By
Steven DeNure, Raymond Massey
Whale Music
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Also starring Maury Chaykin