Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?

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A smalltown Englishman becomes an overnight global sensation when it is revealed that he may be exhibiting psychic powers and telekinesis. His fame soon becomes notoriety, though, when he is accused of accidentally stopping the pacemakers of three people, thus causing their deaths. While his lawyers work to build a case for his defense the debate over whether or not he was really psychic or simply a con artist heats up. A skeptical scientist is consulted as a key witness as he is brought in to run tests on Harold to definitively prove or disprove the genuineness of his powers.

| 1999 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.5/10
Tom Courtenay, Michael Legge, Laura Fraser, Stephen Fry
Peter Hewitt
Produced By
David Brown, Ruth Jackson
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?
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