Cowboys and Angels

"How far you go is up to you..."

First time director David Gleeson tells us the story of Shane Butler (Michael Legge), a young guy who moves away from home for the first time in order to make his commute to his job easier. Shane is looking for a flat in Limerick and winds up renting an apartment with an old childhood friend, Vincent (Allen Leech). As the two get reacquainted and begin opening up to each other Vincent admits to Shane (who had surmised) that he is gay. Once the awkwardness of the revelation passes, the two become best friends. Shane falls for Vincent's friend Gemma (Amy Shiels), but thinks that Vincent was trying to sabotage his chances with her, when he overhears him telling her that Shane is "square", he begins to really question what he has done with his life and thinks it is a mistake.

Still preoccupied with feeling as though his career was a mistake, on his way into the apartment building, he finds a stash of drugs. He tries to put them back where he found them, but is discovered by the dealer. Ultimately, Shane ends up running the drugs and thus begins the true downward .

Vincent, thinking that Shane had saved all the newfound money, wants to help bring Shane out of his funk and they spend the money on new clothes and a new haircut in hopes that Shane will have a new attitude about finding love. The money from his one drug run wasn't enough for Shane, and soon enough he emerges himself in the drug world, thinking he might be able to save enough to enroll in art school with Vincent. When Vincent confronts Shane, and then realizes that Shane's money is coming from running illegal drugs, he threatens to kick him out of the flat and ends their friendship.

It is then, that Shane realizes what he has risked and understands the ramifications to his friendship with Vincent.

| 2004 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.9/10 | 51/100
Michael Legge, Allen Leech, Amy Shiels, David Murray
TLA Releasing
David Gleeson
Cowboys and Angels
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Also directed by David Gleeson

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