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  • PG-13
  • 2007
  • 2.3  (15,505)
  • 18

Who's Your Caddy? is a comedy movie from 2007 that centers upon the story of rapper Big Boi, who stars as 'C-Note,' a music manager trying to gain eligibility for a country club. The film is directed by Don Michael Paul and features an ensemble cast including Jeffrey Jones, Terry Crews, and James Avery. The movie follows the story of C-Note, who is the hottest music artist in the industry. He has everything except membership to the prestigious Carolina Pines Country Club. C-Note wants to enter the club with his fellow musicians, but it is known for being incredibly exclusive and not necessarily accessible to people of color. The club's members include stuffy and snobbish politicians, and their acceptance committee is populated by hoity-toity people who are always looking for ways to keep out what they consider as undesirables.

Desperate to achieve full membership, C-Note flies out to the Carolina Pines Country Club and poses as a member of the Board of Directors from a neighboring club. His aim is to convince Judge Richardson (Jeffrey Jones), who is the head of Carolina Pines' acceptance committee, to allow him to join.

C-Note enlists the help of his friends, who pose as his son and daughter, and his best friend, Big Large (Terry Crews), who becomes his caddy. Big Large is no ordinary caddy, he is a former professional athlete, who likes to shake things up and make his customers' experience a wild ride.

As C-Note continues to use his charm and wit to persuade Judge Richardson, he is up against stiff competition from the judge's son, whose goal is to take over the judge's position once he retires. The judge's son has no intentions of letting C-Note in, but with the backing of his friends, C-Note continues to make his case.

The film is filled with hilarious situations and jokes, as C-Note tries to use his music industry skills and his charming mannerisms to win over the judge. Big Large, on the other hand, knows the ins and outs of the golf course, and he uses his knowledge to come up with ways to help C-Note gain membership.

While the film is quite funny and entertains its audience, it also addresses the issue of class and racial discrimination within the golf communities. The movie showcases how African Americans face hurdles when trying to join exclusive country clubs and the bias that they need to overcome.

Overall, Who's Your Caddy? is a lighthearted comedy that highlights different themes such as friendship, loyalty, and perseverance. It showcases various characters' talents, and music is a big part of the film, with various artists appearing in cameos. The film's humorous situations and comedic timing make it an enjoyable watch for anyone looking for some light entertainment.

Who's Your Caddy?
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