Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!

"It's POOH-fectly TIGGER-ific and it's ALL NEW"
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Everyone is tired of Tigger and his bouncing. Although this is what Tigger does, it becomes a problem for the friends of Winnie the Pooh. The friends get together and decide how they can put an end to the bouncing Tigger. They make the decision to take Tigger deep into the woods and leave him overnight. But, their plot soon backfires on all the friends. Now that they are lost, they need someone to find them and get them back home. To their surprise, Tigger shows up with his annoying bouncing is the true trooper to get the clan home.

1974 | 25 min
Sterling Holloway, John Fiedler, Paul Winchell, Junius Matthews, Dori Whitaker
Walt Disney Productions
John Lounsbery
Produced By
Wolfgang Reitherman
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!
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Also starring John Fiedler