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  • 1960
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Goliath II is a charming 17-minute animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1960. It follows the adventures of a tiny elephant named Goliath II who struggles to fit in with his fellow elephants in the jungle. The film stars Sterling Holloway as the narrator, Barbara Jo Allen as Goliath's mother, and Kevin Corcoran as Goliath II himself.

The story begins with a pregnant elephant named Mrs. Jumbo giving birth to a tiny calf, Goliath II. The other elephants in the herd ridicule Goliath for his small size, and he quickly becomes a social outcast. Even worse, Goliath is prone to getting into trouble - he falls into a mudhole, gets caught in a tree, and narrowly escapes being eaten by a crocodile. Through all of his misadventures, the other elephants scorn and belittle him.

Desperate to protect her son, Mrs. Jumbo enlists the help of the herd's matriarch, Great Aunt Elsie, to teach Goliath how to be strong and fearless like the other elephants. But when a group of mice start tormenting the herd, Goliath discovers an unexpected talent - he's able to communicate with the tiny creatures. With the help of the mice, Goliath is able to save the herd from a dangerous situation and prove that he's worth more than just his size.

The animation in Goliath II is classic Disney - bright, colorful, and whimsical. The elephants are all drawn in a way that's simultaneously cute and regal, with enormous ears and graceful trunks. The mice are equally adorable, with their big ears and squeaky voices. The film's musical score - composed by Oliver Wallace - is fun and playful, perfectly complementing the visuals on screen.

One of the standout elements of Goliath II is its clever use of point-of-view shots. Since the story is told from Goliath's perspective, we often see the world as he sees it - from far above the ground, looking down on the towering elephants. This gives the viewer a sense of Goliath's vulnerability, and makes his successes all the more triumphant.

Despite its short length, Goliath II manages to pack in a lot of heart and meaning. The film's central message - that everyone has something valuable to offer, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem - is as relevant today as it was in 1960. Goliath's journey from outcast to hero is inspiring, and viewers of all ages will find something to relate to in his struggles.

Overall, Goliath II is a delightful piece of Disney animation that is sure to enchant audiences of all ages. Its whimsical visuals, catchy music, and heartfelt message make it a true classic.

Goliath II
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