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  • NR
  • 1985
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 4.6  (1,199)

Women's Prison Massacre is a 1983 Italian exploitation film directed by Bruno Mattei and co-written by Claudio Fragasso. The film stars Laura Gemser as Emanuelle, a photojournalist who gets arrested and sent to a brutal women's prison in South America. There, she befriends fellow inmate Laura (Ursula Flores) and together they try to survive the harsh conditions and abuse from the sadistic prison guards.

The movie is set in an unnamed Latin American country where corruption and violence are rampant. Emanuelle is arrested on a trumped-up charge of drug smuggling and brought to the prison. She is stripped, searched and brutalized by the guards, who take pleasure in degrading and abusing the prisoners. The prison is overcrowded and understaffed, and the women are subjected to torture, rape, and forced labor.

Emanuelle and Laura soon become friends, and they share a cell with four other women, including a pregnant inmate and a lesbian couple. They form a close bond and support each other through the many challenges they face in the prison. However, their peaceful existence is soon interrupted by a violent riot, which breaks out after a guard kills one of the inmates.

The prisoners take control of the prison and start to retaliate against the guards, who are vicious and cruel. The riot quickly spirals out of control, and more and more people are killed or injured. Amidst the chaos, Emanuelle and Laura try to escape, but they are intercepted by the guards who want to kill them for their involvement in the riot.

The film is a typical example of the women's prison exploitation genre, which was popular in the 1970s and 80s. The genre often featured strong female characters who were subjected to various forms of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of sadistic guards. The films usually had a political subtext, criticizing social injustice and corruption in society.

Women's Prison Massacre is no exception to this rule, and it touches on issues such as political repression, police brutality, and women's rights. The film also has a feminist message, as the women in the prison must band together to fight against their oppressors and survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

The film's cast is composed of mostly Italian actors who are well known in the exploitation film circuit. Laura Gemser, who plays Emanuelle, is a veteran of many erotic and action films, and is best known for her portrayal of the titular character in the Black Emanuelle series. Gabriele Tinti, who plays the corrupt warden of the prison, is also a familiar face in the Italian exploitation scene.

Overall, Women's Prison Massacre is a violent and exploitative film that may not be suitable for all audiences. It contains scenes of graphic violence, sexual assault, and nudity. However, for fans of the genre, it is a classic that is worth watching for its political subtext, feminist message, and strong female characters.

Women's Prison Massacre
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