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"From the pen of Jackie Collins, the story of a fallen super-star and his struggle back to the top."
  • NR
  • 1979
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.0  (260)

Yesterday's Hero, released in 1979, is a compelling story that revolves around a former rock star, Vince Stoker, who has now retired from the music industry. The film stars Suzanne Somers as the leading lady, Ian McShane as Vince Stoker, and Adam Faith as the rock band's manager. The opening scene flashes back to Vince's glory days, where he was the lead singer of a successful rock band, The Smart Alecs. Vince, however, suffers a mental breakdown on stage resulting in his retirement from the music industry. In the present day, Vince now works as a dishwasher in a club where a local band performs. Meanwhile, the Smart Alecs' manager, Jack Delaney (Adam Faith), contacts Vince to check if he's interested in making a comeback.

Jack persuades Vince to reunite with his old band, who are now performing at Butlins holiday camp in the UK. Initially, Vince is hesitant about rejoining the band as he is uncomfortable with performing again. But Jack appeals to his pride and convinces him to go along with it.

However, Vince slowly begins to realize that Jack has ulterior motives for bringing back The Smart Alecs. Jack’s intentions are to use Vince as a way back into the music industry, which he had fallen out of favor with, possibly due to his methods. Jack had already hired a new band (with a pilot song ready) hoping to use Vince as part of their schtick.

Vince reunites with his former bandmates, but it quickly becomes evident that things have changed, and the band no longer has the same chemistry they used to have. They haven’t played together since Vince’s breakdown, which makes Vince feel like he’s the odd one out. To alleviate these tensions, Vince reconnects with an old flame, Tracy (Suzanne Somers), who is now working as a journalist.

As the old band tries to find their feet, Vince begins to relapse into his mental breakdown. Tracy tries to help him by taking him to see a therapist, who advises him to get back on stage to help alleviate his anxiety. With Tracy’s encouragement and the support of his former bandmates, Vince resolves to get back on stage with The Smart Alecs to help heal himself.

Yesterday's Hero is a poignant tale that reflects the ups and downs of the music industry. The story emphasizes the importance of maintaining relationships and how the music industry can chew people up and spit them out, emphasizing the harsh realities of accepting success or surrendering to failure.

Ian McShane's portrayal of Vince is spot on, and he brings the necessary gravitas to his role while Suzanne Somers displays her acting chops with a sensitive portrayal of Vince's past flame. Adam Faith provides levity during the show's somber moments with his character's tendency to gamble and have internal struggles.

The film's cinematography is impressive, as it captures the quiet beauty of canal boat rides and the grace of the live-band performances, adding to the movie's poignancy.

Overall, Yesterday's Hero is an excellent depiction of the turmoil and changes one experiences in the face of success and failure. The movie emphasizes the importance of human relationships and the realities of striving in the music industry with a well-written script and excellent performances. If you're looking for a movie that will leave you with a heartwarming message, Yesterday's Hero is an excellent choice.

Yesterday's Hero
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