Young and Dangerous: The Prequel

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  • 1998
  • 6.1  (446)

Young and Dangerous: The Prequel is a Hong Kong action thriller film released in 1998. Directed by Andrew Lau, the movie stars Nicholas Tse, Sam Lee, and Shu Qi. The plot follows the character Chan Ho-Nam (Nicholas Tse) in his younger years, before he became the leader of the Triad gang in Hong Kong. In the early 80s, Chan is a teenage delinquent who spends his days hanging out with his gang members, including his best friend Chicken Chiu (Sam Lee). They are constantly getting into trouble with rival gangs and the police.

Chan meets Yan (Shu Qi), a beautiful and mysterious girl who works at a nightclub. He becomes enamored with her, but she seems to have secrets of her own. Chan also comes into conflict with a ruthless gang leader, Lui Lok (Chin Kar-lok), and must navigate dangerous territory to protect his friends and the gang.

The movie is filled with gritty action scenes, including brutal fight sequences and tense shootouts. The film's setting in the 80s adds to the movie's overall mood, as it captures the violence and corruption of the era.

Nicholas Tse delivers a strong performance as the young Chan Ho-Nam, showing off his acting skills as well as his athleticism in the action scenes. Sam Lee is also impressive as Chicken Chiu, providing comic relief as well as a loyal friend to Chan. Shu Qi is alluring as Yan, bringing her signature beauty and intrigue to the role.

The movie's cinematography is top-notch, with slick camera work capturing the energy and danger of the gang world. The score, composed by Chan Kwong-wing, adds to the movie's mood with a mix of atmospheric music and intense beats.

While the movie is a prequel to the popular Young and Dangerous series, viewers don't need to be familiar with the previous films to enjoy Young and Dangerous: The Prequel. The movie stands on its own as a thrilling and engaging action flick.

Overall, Young and Dangerous: The Prequel is a must-see for fans of Hong Kong gangster movies and action thrillers. With strong performances, thrilling action scenes, and a moody atmosphere, it's a standout film in the genre.

Young and Dangerous: The Prequel
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