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"What the Sea Said"
  • 1995
  • 2 hr 1 min
  • 6.7  (72)

Yugant, a Bengali movie released in 1995, explores the intricate and obscure relationship between three individuals as they navigate through the complexities of their lives. Directed by Aparna Sen, the movie is a testimony to the director's mastery in portraying the nuances of human emotions. The plot of Yugant revolves around Abhik, a successful musician, and his wife, Labanya, a homemaker. After several years of marriage, their relationship starts to unravel when Abhik falls in love with Jayashree, a young journalist. Jayashree, who initially rejects Abhik's advances, starts to develop feeling towards him as she hears his music and gets to know him better.

Yugant has a minimalist approach and relies heavily on its three main characters — Abhik, Labanya, and Jayashree - to tell its story. The movie presents challenging themes such as marriage, betrayal, love, and loss, and brings out the intricate complexities of human relationships.

The movie touches upon the idea of identity and how it can be constructed or broken due to society's expectations. Abhik is a man who has given his soul to his music to escape the mundaneness of life. But, he is also a man who is always looking for something more, something that he can't seem to find within his marriage. Jayashree is a young, modern woman who is passionate about her work but finds it difficult to balance her love life. Labanya, the traditional homemaker, who has always taken care of her family, struggles with insecurity when she begins to see Abhik's attention drifting away from her.

Despite the movie's serious themes, it has a light and playful tone. The director uses humor to add depth to its characters and make them more complex. The movie's cinematography is praiseworthy, and the beautiful music composition skillfully reflects the narrative's emotions.

The performances of Anjan Dutt, Roopa Ganguly, and Pallavi Chatterjee stand out in Yugant. Anjan Dutt delivers a remarkable performance as Abhik, a complex character struggling to create a balance between his profession and personal life. Roopa Ganguly, known for her roles in Satyajit Ray's movies, portrays the vulnerability of Labanya with ease. Pallavi Chatterjee, whose character adds the required freshness to the narrative, portrays Jayashree's modernity and independence with impressive finesse.

Yugant is a movie that explores human relationships in a commendable and honest manner. It shows how one's personal preferences and desires can often conflict with societal expectations, leading to a turbulent life. The movie's open ending leaves the audience to draw their conclusions and emphasizes that the complexities of human relationships cannot always be resolved.

In conclusion, Yugant is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates artistic storytelling and meaningful cinema. Aparna Sen's directorial sensibilities and the performances of its stellar cast make Yugant a movie that lingers in the mind of its audience long after the credits roll.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 1 min
  • Language
    Bengali, Bangla
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (72)