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"Boys will be boys... but better"
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  • 2014
  • 5.0  (6,222)

Zapped is a 2014 American television movie that aired on Disney Channel. The movie stars Zendaya as Zoey Stevens, a teenage girl who moves to a new city with her family. Zoey struggles to adjust to her new school and make friends, but everything changes when she gains the ability to control boys with her smartphone. The premise of Zapped is a modern take on the classic teen movie trope of wish fulfillment. Zoey is portrayed as a relatable character who experiences a range of everyday teenage struggles, from dealing with difficult teachers to trying to fit in with classmates. However, the twist that sets Zapped apart is Zoey's newfound power over boys.

The movie begins with Zoey moving to a new city with her mother, stepfather, and younger brother. Zoey has a passion for dance, and her dream is to win a spot on her school's dance team. However, Zoey's talent attracts the attention of Taylor Dean (Chanelle Peloso), the captain of the dance team, who sees Zoey as a rival and tries to sabotage her chances of making the team. Zoey's struggles also extend to her personal life, as she finds it difficult to make friends and feels like an outsider.

Zoey's life takes a surprising turn when an app on her phone called "Girlfriend" starts to malfunction, causing Zoey to accidentally electrocute a boy who tries to flirt with her. Zoey quickly realizes that the app gives her the power to control boys, making them do whatever she wants by simply tapping on her phone screen. Zoey initially uses her power to get revenge on Taylor, making her obey her commands and perform embarrassing stunts in front of the whole school. However, Zoey's powers soon attract the attention of other boys, including her crush Jackson (Spencer Boldman), who becomes her loyal servant thanks to the app.

As Zoey's control over boys grows stronger, she starts to become more arrogant and manipulative. She uses her powers to get what she wants and ignores the consequences of her actions. Zoey also starts to distance herself from her true friends in favor of a new group of popular kids who only accept her because of her powers. However, Zoey's power over boys starts to consume her, making her realize that there are some things that technology and apps can't control.

Overall, Zapped is a fun and entertaining movie that blends elements of science fiction with the classic themes of teenage wish fulfillment. The movie has a clear message about the dangers of relying too much on technology and losing sight of what truly matters in life. Zendaya's performance as Zoey is engaging and relatable, and she brings a likability to the character that makes her transformation all the more interesting to watch. Chanelle Peloso is also a standout as the villainous Taylor, bringing a sense of humor and energy to the role. Spencer Boldman is charming as Jackson, Zoey's crush, and has great chemistry with Zendaya.

The movie's special effects are well-done, with the app's animated interface providing a visually interesting way for Zoey to control boys. The movie also features some great dance scenes, showcasing Zendaya's impressive skills as a dancer. The soundtrack is full of catchy pop songs that complement the movie's upbeat tone.

Some viewers may find the movie's central message to be heavy-handed, as it repeatedly emphasizes the dangers of technology and the importance of human connection. However, this is a minor quibble in an otherwise enjoyable movie. Zapped is a perfect choice for teens and pre-teens looking for a fun, lighthearted movie that mixes elements of science fiction with classic teenage wish fulfillment.

Zapped is a 2014 tv movie. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.0.

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