Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Full Episode Guide

  • WWE Hall of Famers and AMW Tag Team Champions return to Barbourville Ky for the first time since Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Watch as they defend the AMW Tag Team Championships against a world traveled tag team in the HEATSEEKERS at AMWs FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN event. From Barbourville, KY 1/19/19 Commentary by Nathan Lyttle

  • AMW Presents FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN TRIPLE THREAT MATCH SEXY Stan Sierra vs REAL DEAL Derek Neal vs. Kyle Maggard from Barbourville, Ky 1/19/2019 commentary by Nathan Lyttle

  • AMW Presents SUPER SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER From Jackson, Ky 9/15/2019 Wolfman Jake Braddock & Ross Bray vs former NWA Tag Team Champions the HEATSEEKERS CONTRACT ON A POLE MATCH Shawn Cruz w/ Lemonjuice McGee vs. 7ft 500lbs Big Rig Jake Brake Henry Shaw vs. Colby Carmichael AMW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS The Rock N Roll Express vs. (c) The Family

  • As 2018 comes to a close AMW Star Kyle Maggard hosts today's program as he looks back at a few matches from this past year. Maggard is the host for the BEST OF AMW 2018 dvd that will be coming out next month. It will be on the www.amwwrestlingnetwork.com as well. use code: NEWYEAR2019 to sign up for FREE REMEMBER AMW Returns to Action on: January 11th - MILLER FAMILY FUN CENTER in Hazard, Ky

  • See the highlights and the Fall out from this years Thanksgiving Spectacular. THANKSGIVING TURMOIL. See and hear from WWE HOF Rock N Roll Express, Beau James, Lemonjuice McGee, Sexy Stan Sierra, Kyle Maggard and more.

  • on this episode.. Lemonjuice McGee and the Mega Destroyer are making their way through Tennessee looking for the School of Morton and #WWE #HallofFamer Ricky Morton, in hopes of sidelining him for #ThanksgivingNight and #ThanksgivingTurmoil Beau James vs. The Wolfeman TV Main Event Shawn Cruz vs. John Noble (c) for the AMW Heavyweight Championship. we also keep you up todate on the Kyle Magg

  • March 9th, 2018 from McKee, KY MAIN EVENT - AMW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH Al Snow vs. (c) Stan Sierra with Phil Phair GENERAL LEE CAR vs. LEAVING TOWN MATCH Beau James vs. Stan Lee Kyle Maggard vs. Shawn Cruz The Mega Destroyer vs. 7FT 500lbs Big Rig Jake Break with Lemonjuice McGee Sensational Wayne Adkins vs. The Scorpion

  • AMW Presents SUPER SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER September 15, 2018 in Jackson, KY WWE Hall of Famers The Rock N Roll Express challenged The Family for the Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Championships Commentary by Nathan Lyttle Cameras by Will "Sugahold" Harding

  • On this program see: WWE Hall of Famers the Rock N Roll Express challenge the Family w/ Lemonjuice McGee for the AMW Tag Team Championships. They Will be in Jackson Ky on September 15th for AMW's #SuperSaturdayNightFever also on the program hear from AJ's Reformation, Amw Champion John Noble, Kyle Maggard, Stan Lee, Dan Richards and more.

  • A landmark episode for any program, the 100th episode of Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Television. In this episode: A HUGE announcement by the superstars of AMW. Heatseekers return to action. Kyle Maggard & Jake Brake vs. Beau James' Family if Kyle & Jake win they get 5 minutes alone with Lemonjuice McGee

  • Summerbash is over, what happened? Who won the AMW Heavyweight Championship Match? Who was the LAST MAN STANDING Kyle Maggard or Dan Richards? Who's wearing Stan Lee's robe? Who won Tag Team Gold? All these questions will be answered and more with highlights from SUMMERBASH on this episode. In this episode AMW Champion John Noble AMW Tag Team Champions Beau James, Mega Destroyer & Lemonjuice Mc

  • The Biggest event of the summer, SUMMERBASH has shaped up to be one action packed night. AMW Television the morning of is no different. 7FT 500 LBS Jake Brake vs. The Mega Destroyer w/ Lemonjuice McGee TV Main Event Kyle Maggard vs. Jake Braddock John Noble & Derek Neal Contract Signing plus hearing from the Family (Beau James & Mega Destroyer), Dan Richards & Shawn Cruz, The Heatseekers, & St

  • Incase you missed today's episode of AMW-TV Here's what you'll see.... We are two weeks away from the HOTTEST event of the summer as AMW Presents SUMMERBASH on July 21st in Whitesburg, Ky. John Noble issue a challenge to Derek Neal Stan Lee sets his sights on getting his robe back from Lemonjuice McGee Your TV Main Event features the former NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Heatseekers facing o

  • Weekend of Champions Night 2 - Hall of Fame Night From A. B. Combs Elementary in Combs, Ky May 5, 2018 Stan "The Man" Lee vs. "Wolfeman" Jake Braddock Beau James vs. Wayne Adkins Shawn Cruz vs. Kyle Maggard w/ Leaping Lanny Poffo HALL OF FAME CEREMONY featuring: Scott McKeever Dale Mann Angelo Poffo Lanny Poffo Randy "Macho Man" Savage AMW TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT FINALS The Family w/ Lemonjuice McGee

  • Here is a Prime Time Special that aired on Hometown 24 previewing the 2nd Annual Weekend of Champions May 4 and 5. Host Nathan Lyttle, Bart Batten and guest host Beau James look at all the key matches of the weekend. Plus Kyle Maggard vs. The Scorpion, Al Snow defends the AMW Title vs. Daniel Richards and footage never aired on AMW TV before featuring Wayne Adkins. Plus several special interviews

  • In this episode see: Kyle Maggard vs. Crash "The Animal" Jaxon Al Snow w/ Head challenges Stan Sierra with Phil Phair for the AMW Heavyweight Championship Commentary by Nathan Lyttle and Lemonjuice McGee