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The fantasy romance series Ashes of Love tell the story of a fairy princess. In ancient times, the Flower Goddess dies after giving birth to a daughter. Before she passed, she fed her daughter the Unfeeling Pill, ordered her subordinates to keep the girl safe. But love could threaten the plan.

Ashes of Love is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on December 19, 2018.

Where do I stream Ashes of Love online? Ashes of Love is available for streaming on Jiangsu TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ashes of Love on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon online.

Daily at 7:30 PM et/pt on Jiangsu TV
1 Season, 63 Episodes
December 19, 2018
Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Cast: Yang Zi, Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi
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Ashes of Love Full Episode Guide

  • It turns out that Jin Mi's spirit is in Xu Feng's tear. Xu Feng waits for 500 years to see Jin Mi again.

  • Xu Feng knows about the unfeeling pill after Jin Mi dies. He decides to find her spirit and bring her back to life.

  • Run Yu comes to the demon realm and tries to bring Jin Mi back to the Heavenly Realm. Xu Feng and Ru Yu start the war. Jin Mi sacrifices herself to stop the fight.

  • Sui He finds out that the cure is wrong, and Xu Feng has a severe side effect. She comes to the heavenly realm and interrogates Run Yu.

  • Xu Feng and Sui He decides to get married. Jin Mi is sad after she knows the news. Jin Mi decides to marry Run Yu.

  • Jin Mi and Sui He get into a big fight. Jin Mi realizes that Sui He is the one who kills her father during the battle.

  • Jin Mi disguises as a rabbit and comes to the demon realm to see Xu Feng. Xu Feng knows Jin Mi is that rabbit.

  • Xu Feng decides to become the king of the demon in the demon realm. Dan Zhu comes to the demon realm to convince Xu Feng to give up this throne.

  • Run Yu hates Xu Feng's mother because she kills his tribe. Run Yu asks the soldiers to go after Xu Feng, and Jin Mi shows up to save Xu Feng.

  • Jin Mi comes to the demon realm and brings the cure to Xu Feng. Xu Feng is alive again.

  • Tuyao commits suicide. Jin Mi is dying because she uses her entire strengths to make a cure. Run Yu uses half of his power to save Jin Mi.

  • Yan You, Dan Zhu, and Jin Mi come to the Snake Mountain and try to find a cure for Xu Feng. Jin Mi even suffers from snake venom.

  • Jin Mi believes that Xu Feng kills her father. Dan Zhu tries very hard to let Jin Mi see the truth and find the real killer.

  • Run Yu takes over the throne and becomes the Heavenly Emperor. He comes to Tuyao and mentions that Xu Feng is dead.

  • Xu Feng helps Liu Ying investigate his father's case. When the case is about to bring to lights, the heavenly emperor is asking him to go back to the Heavenly Realm.

  • Liu Ying's father is in danger. She comes to the heavenly realm to ask for help, but the Heavenly Emperor rejects this favor.

  • Sui He disguises herself as Xu Feng and kills Jin Mi's father, Luo Lin. Jin Mi faints after she knows her father is dead.

  • Sui He belongs to the bird tribe and is trying to kill Run Yu. Sui He also commands Qi Yuan to kill Jin Mi.

  • Heavenly Emperor prisons Tuyao. Xu Feng is begging for his mother to Heavenly Emperor. Heavenly Emperor authorizes Run Yu to suppress the bird tribe.

  • Qi Yuan lives with hatred because his family and tribe are all killed. For Qi Yuan to put down the past, Liu Ying tells him the truth about the extermination of his family.

  • Jin Mi decides to marry Run Yu. Her father is worried about her marrying Xu Feng. Also, Xu Feng's mother kills her best friend.

  • Sui He hates Jin Mi because Jin Mi steals her lover, Xu Feng. Jin Mi and Xu Feng are getting to know each other and love each other even more.

  • Jin Mi wants to call off the wedding with Run Yu because she is in love with Xu Feng. Xu Feng goes to see Run Yu and hopes Run Yu can agree with Jin Mi to cancel the wedding.

  • Tuyao wants to execute the extermination of Run Yu's family. He set up a trap and wait for Run Yu to jump and kill him.

  • Jin Mi and Xu Feng pass the test and go back to the heavenly realm. Tuyao, Heavenly Empress, tries to send Jin Mi to the human world and retake a test.

  • Qi Yuan tries to kill Jin Mi while Xu Feng is fighting against the enemy. Sui He tricks Liu Ying to leave Jin Mi so that no one can protect Jin Mi.

  • Xu Feng suddenly summoned Jin Mi. Xu Feng is making Shadow play, which presents how they meet each other, and then fall in love.

  • Run Yu reveals his past. He gets bullied by his peers and is hidden in the dark and cold place under the lake.

  • It turns out that the person who assigns Yan You to kill Xu Feng is Run Yu's bio mother. Yan You doesn't want to kill Xu Feng because he doesn't think Xu Feng has done anything wrong.

  • Xu Feng is in love with Jin Mi and invites her to DIY a lamp. Although Xu Feng and Jin Mi like each other, they can't be together due to their family background.

  • Xu Feng continues to pretend to be ill in front of the officials of the Government. He wants to test if Jin Mi likes him.

  • Xu Feng knows that Nanping Hou wants to invite Jin Mi to join his team. Xu Feng starts pretending to be sick and test whether Jin Mi can be trusted.

  • Jin Mi thinks the bandit she has saved is Yi Wang's enemy. Jin Mi feels responsible and takes all the blame on herself.

  • The carriage arrived at the capital. Jin Mi is teased by a fortune-teller who is Yan You, and then Nanping Hou invites her to meet and talk in private.

  • Yan You is assigned to kill Xu Feng, but he doesn't want to rush and mess up the plan.

  • Jin Mi feels sting pain in her chest. She doesn't know that the pill she takes will cause severe pain if she is in love.

  • Jin Mi is going through the test in order to boost her power. Heavenly Emperor makes sure Jin Mi is safe during her test.

  • Jin Mi increases her power after she reveals her identity. Xu Feng asks Jin Mi if she decides to marry Run Yu.

  • Anemoi tells Jin Mi about a story between her mother Flower Deity, her father, and Heavenly Emperor. Her mom is hurt due to the Heavenly Emperor's greedy mind.

  • Xu Feng and Run Yu are after Yan You. Xu Feng and Yan You get into an intense fight while Jin Mi is thinking of a way to stop them.

  • Sui He is in love with Xu Feng. She asks him if he is into Jin Mi. Sui He tries to instigate and talks fake news to Xu Feng behind Jin Mi's back.

  • The secret between Flora realm and Heavenly starts with the Heavenly Emperor's love for ZiFen. Tuyao is the one who gets jealous and uses fire magic to hit ZiFen.

  • Tuyao doesn't give up on killing Jin Mi. When she intentionally kills Jin Mi at Shui Jing, Luo Lin and Run Yu show up and save Jin Mi.

  • Tuyao reveals Jin Mi's identity in front of all gods. Everyone is shocked because Jin Mi is a woman. Tuyao is about to use magic and punish Jin Mi, but Xu Feng protects her.

  • Yan You is caged by Xu Feng. Jin Mi tries to let Xu Feng and Run Yu get drunk so that she can help Yan You to escape. Xu Feng passes out after he gives his power to Jin Mi.

  • Tuyao, Heavenly Empress, asks people to investigate how Xu Feng gets hurt. Tuyao is questioning about Jin Mi's real identity after she knows Jin Mi is the reason why Xu Feng is injured.

  • Xu Feng is in a coma because of the injury from the monster. Jin Mi takes care of Xu Feng and uses her magic to grow a particular herbal plant to heal Xu Feng.

  • The ancient monster is about to attack Jin Mi. Xu Feng protects her and gets a big hit from the beast.

  • Liu Ying and Xu Feng have an intense fight. It turns out that Liu Ying is assigned to captures the monster as well.

  • The ancient monster, Qiong Qi, is attacking the Heavenly realm. The monster escapes after Taiwei, Heavenly Emperor, shows up. Xu Feng is heading to the Demon realm and captures the monster.

  • Jin Mi is eager to increase her power. She knows that she can improve her strength by eating rice dumplings. She tries to steal them from Xu Feng.

  • Yan You senses that Jin Mi may be in danger. He goes to the Heavenly realm and meets Jin Mi. Xu Feng warns Yan You to stay away from Jin Mi.

  • Xu Feng makes the Demon army retreats. Jin Mi disguises as a man and gets to the Heavenly realm.

  • Xu Feng meets Jin Mi after he falls into Shui Jing. The King of Gucheng plans to attack the Heavenly realm after he knows Xu Feng is missing.

  • ZiFen, Flower Deity, gives birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. ZiFen predicts that her daughter will suffer from her love journey in the future. In order to avoid this, ZiFen feeds a pill to Jin Mi before she dies.

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