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The television series entitled Bokura ga Ita is about the life and experiences of Nanami Takahashi. Nanami is a young girl in her teens who finds herself in a new school and expects to make new friends as soon as possible. During her first days in high school she realizes that most of the students are always talking about a young guy known as Yano. Nanami dislikes him for being so popular and she also thinks he is unreasonable and superficial. However, as time goes on Namani starts developing feelings for Yano. One day she walks up to Yano and tells him how she feels about him but is unhappy when Yano rejects her love. Yano is not able to reciprocate her love because he lost trust in ladies after his former girlfriend Yana cheated on him and he vowed never to love again.

Nanami does not give up on her love for Yano, she assists him when the need arises and tells him she will always be there for him. After a long while, Yano also starts falling in love with her and the two start dating. Their relationship does not last long since Yano refuses to open up to Nanami about his past, she becomes suspicious and decides to stop the relationship. A young man known as Masafumi who is Yano's best friend later falls in love with Nanami and he starts competing with Yano for the love of Nanami.

As a result, Nanami becomes confused and does not know who she prefers but she later realizes she really loves Yano and truly wants him. They start dating all over again but Nanami insists that Yano should tell her everything that transpired between him and Nana. Yano accepts to be open and honest with her this time so they can both be happy. Yano's mother informs him they have to relocate to Tokyo but he however continues his relationship with Nanami.

Bokura ga Ita is a Anime Drama series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 3, 2006. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.9.

Bokura ga Ita is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bokura ga Ita on demand at The Roku Channel online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 3, 2006
Anime Drama
Cast: Takuji Kawakubo
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Bokura ga Ita Full Episode Guide

  • Christmas is only a few weeks away, so Motoharu and Nanami are spending as much time together before the holiday ... and their future apart.

  • Nanami is starting to have doubts about her chances of being accepted to University, and Motoharu still hasn't given her an answer about Tokyo!

  • With Christmas around the corner, Nanami is preoccupied with presents, while Motoharu considers moving to Tokyo with his mother.

  • Motoharu and Takeuchi both have big news for each other, and Nanami is feeling uncertain about what's happening between her and Motoharu...

  • Nanami is still waiting for Motoharu, so Takeuchi offers to take her home. The next day, when Motoharu tries to apologize, he collapses from a cold.

  • Nanami invite's Motoharu for a sleepover, but her plans may be thwarted when he receives a call from an upset Yuri...

  • Motoharu is mad after Takeuchi starts dating his classmate. Later, Nanami and Motoharu's date is interrupted ... when Yuri shows up unannounced.

  • Nanami and Motoharu are finally back together, but with Nanami in the middle of Motoharu and Takeuchi's rivalry, things are still super awkward!

  • Motoharu decides to tell Nanami everything, so he invites her out for a chat, which soon feels more like a date.

  • Nanami finally decides to get back together with Motoharu-under one condition: he must tell her everything about his first love, Nana.

  • With everyone anxiously awaiting the main event of the school festival, Takeuchi plans his confession to Nanami, at the same time as Motoharu!

  • With the annual Cultural Festival approaching, things between Nanami, Motoharu, and Takeuchi are motionless-but Takeuchi is planning something...

  • With Motoharu and Nanami's relationship at a standstill, Takeuchi decides to take the initiative, but his timing couldn't be any worse. Or could it?

  • It's over between Nanami and Motoharu, and a week has already passed. Takeuchi, who just can't let things be, invites Nanami over to cheer her up...

  • Motoharu finally confesses to Nanami about his time with Yuri ... and now she can't even face him.

  • When Yuri turns up on Motoharu's doorstep with some important news about her sister, Nanami isn't exactly thrilled about it...

  • With she and Motoharu finally alone at his house, Nanami gets the nerve up to make the move. Everything is dreamy ... until his mom comes home early.

  • Nanami invites a reluctant Yano to her house to spend some time together, and she takes the chance to ask Yano about his past with Yuri.

  • When Yano asks Nanami out, she declines ... to buy him a secret present. The next day in class, a seating change could mean a big change!

  • Nanami is thrilled but tired after Motoharu's confession, so Yano offers to help her remember her schedule ... and he secretly slips in a date.

  • On the day of the Cultural Festival, Yano takes the opportunity to confess his love for Nanami as part of festival tradition.

  • Nanami is annoyed that Motoharu is a no-show at the school play and the summer festival, so she gets the idea to go to his house and see him...

  • When someone pulls out an old yearbook, and Nanami is caught looking at it by Yano, her self-consciousness kicks into overdrive.

  • It's only the second day of school, but Nanami has already made two friends, and she has a new crush: Motoharu Yano, the hottest guy in school.