Charlie Chaplin Collection

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For those familiar with the Academy Award winning genius of Chaplin's works, the Charlie Chaplin Collection will be a delight; for those new to his comedy it is a must see set. The set encompasses his early seminal work at the film companies Keystone, Essanay, Mutual and First National with an hour and a half documentary about his life and works.

The collection begins with his first film, "Making a Living," which gives viewers a fascinating window into the master's developing comedic style and helps set the tone for the following films. Probably the most significant film of the collection is "The Tramp," which proved to be the beginning of Chaplin's most popular and well known character, the iconic "Little Tramp." Also setting the trend for later films with more story development and less slapstick than his earlier pre-1915 works is "The Kid," a touching story of poverty and togetherness starring a young Jackie Coogan alongside Chaplin.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
March 9, 2021
Classic Comedy Drama
Charlie Chaplin Collection

Charlie Chaplin Collection Full Episode Guide

  • Charlie flirts gets into trouble when he flirts with two women. / A rough criminal gets into an argument over a girl in a dance hall. / Charlie is doing everything in his power to ruin Mabel's chance of winning a car race.

  • Charlie plays two roles -- that of Mr. Pest, a well-to-do inebriate, and Mr. Rowdy, a drunk poor man in the balcony, both causing problems in a theater. / Charlie is the janitor at a bank who dreams of winning Edna's heart.

  • Charlie is hired as a prop man at a motion picture studio, but is soon recruited to be an extra military soldier in a movie. / Edna is about to be forced to marry a count no one has ever met. Charlie steps in to impersonate the count.

  • Charlie is working on a movie comedy as a prop man's assistant. / Charlie is a referee for a fight in which Arbuckle is attempting to defeat the boxing champ for money. / Charlie and Sterling compete to aid a pretty girl crossing the street.

  • After putting a lucky horseshoe in his glove, Charlie manages to knock out a boxing champion. He then trains to compete in the big championship. / Charlie is a violinist who rescues and falls in love with a girl stolen by the Gypsies.

  • Charlie befriends fellow immigrant Edna and her ailing mother on the ship to America. / Charlie is a homeless man who, after listenting to an inspiring service at a mission, decides to become a cop and fight street gangs.

  • Chaplin is an earnest but inept member of a small town fire department, who must save Edna from a fire. / Charlie is an escaped convict who rescues Edna, her mother and Campbell from the ocean, but later is discovered.

  • Eric is a master tailor, and Charlie is his apprentice. Eric decides to impersonate a count to woo Edna. / Various high jinks occur when Charlie plays a wealthy gentleman who's at a health spa to convalesce from alcoholism.

  • A ship owner plans to have his captain blow up his ship for the insurance money. Chaplin and others are kidnapped to work on the ship. / Charlie is an inept janitor who aids crooks attempting to steal the formula for a wireless bomb.

  • The Tramp rescues farm girl Edna from a group of thieves, but they return and Charlie gets shot. / Charlie is released from prison, but his former cellmate talks him into helping him rob Edna's home.

  • Chaos rules as Charlie is the overworked assistant to a wallpaper-hanger at a wealthy couple's home. / A trip to the park brings pickpockets, mistaken identity, brick fights and jealousy. / Charlie is asked to watch a man who's in a wheelchair.

  • Charlie gets drunk and flirts with the hat-check girl, resulting in fights with Sterling and Arbuckle. / Charlie vies for the affections of two pretty girls, upsetting both their boyfriends.

  • Charlie and Ben are two drunks causing trouble in a restaurant and hotel. / Charlie interferes with a film crew's attempt to film a kid's auto race. / Charlie is a melodramatic lover. / Charlie continually disrupts the filming of a movie.

  • When Charlie returns home drunk in the early morning hours, he has visions of objects attacking him. / Charlie works in a pawnshop, serving three odd customers and getting into continual fights with a fellow worker.

  • Charlie is a waiter spending his free time roller skating. He runs afoul of Campbell and escapes. / Charlie is accused of shoplifting. It's a case of mistaken identity as he and two others are chased around the store.