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This is a broadcast television show, the presenter is Joey Greco, and the show is produced by Bobby Goilsdtein. A reality show showcasing the fallout in relationships when they characters involved are caught cheating their partners. Cheaters is a low budget reality program, a show were the characters reveal their insecurity to the television audience. Real and some pre rehearse situations are brought to life by well acted cast members and the invited guests. This is a show concludes with no happy endings. All the participants

Screen Media
8 Seasons, 87 Episodes
October 21, 2000
Cast: Tommy Habeeb

Cheaters Full Episode Guide

  • Todd ends a decade of marriage when he confronts his wife and her paramour in a parking garage.

  • Jasmine Saleh learns the kisses are hers and hers and his when a boyfriend and roommate embark on an affair.

  • Ronnie Warren tries to rescue his mentally disturbed girlfriend from her own bad choices.

  • Suzanne Ravazos gets possessive of her first love when she finds him spending time with an old flame.

  • Tanisha Johnson believes her partner is looking for a stranger's sexual healing and determines to straighten him out.

  • Mario Hewitt duels barefisted for his fiancee's honor even though she'd rather carouse with someone else.

  • Family man Jason Bacon confronts his neglectful wife when her party-mom preferences disrupt their relationship.

  • Andrea Pleasant has anger to burn when she discovers the truth about her lying, unfaithful gentleman-thief boyfriend.

  • David Lawrence can't hide his emotion when he discovers what his live-in girlfriend really does to blow off steam.

  • Christine Moss is alarmed by her fiance's dirty dealings in the bedroom and his betrayal of her trust.

  • Tamara Thomas realizes her lover is as small and petty as his nickname, Tiny, when she discovers his deceptive ways.

  • Kelli Manning unleashes her anger on her easily-distracted boyfriend and his unsuspecting concubine.

  • Melissa Godfrey confronts her on-again, off-again husband over his tantrums and late-night booty calls.

  • Demetria Morgan's ex-convict boyfriend preys on both his pregnant girlfriend and his wealthy mistress.

  • Kristin Walker has given up everything for her lover, only to wander into a dangerous situation when she uncovers his numerous lies.

  • Erica Laton believes her lover is up to no good, but never expected his falsehoods would involve his first wife.

  • Former housewife Patricia Major is ready to stop making excuses for her husband's infidelities.

  • Whitnee Stevens questions her high school sweetheart's loyalty when detectives spy him escorting a mystery woman around town.

  • The conservative Wess Garron uncovers his more liberal fiancee's desire to have one last fling before settling down.

  • Vanessa Shaw asks Cheaters for help in kicking her manipulative, adulterous husband to the curb.

  • Homebody Daisy Durante worries her party-animal boyfriend is having his cake and eating it too.

  • Delores Duran confronts her disappearing fiance about his cold feet and hot new companion.

  • Nick Ogene realizes that his girlfriend's personal trainer is taking their workouts to an intimate extreme.

  • Antainette Dotson is shocked to discover both her husband and her mother-in-law conspiring against her to conceal his affairs.

  • Maria Dominguez fights desperately to save her marriage from being ruined by her husband's reckless behavior.

  • Rose Harden learns that her boyfriend's distance is part of a disturbing pattern of infidelity.

  • Paige Davis fears her boyfriend's alcoholism isn't the only addiction ruining their relationship.

  • Candace Jefferson's dreams of marriage and family with her boyfriend are dashed by a reality check from Cheaters detectives.

  • Chase McLendon is horrified to uncover his girlfriend's secret family affair.

  • Musician Isis Draper finds her long-standing relationship with her bandmate destroyed by the lures of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.

  • Lacy Dawson discovers her Prince Charming is giving the royal treatment to her former friend.

  • Jay Smart becomes a raging mama bear when her babydaddy involves their son in his illicit exploits.

  • David Henderick learns that his long-distance love is betraying him with the person he trusts the most.

  • Single mother Minerva Fernandez asks Cheaters to determine if her new boyfriend is playing house with someone else.

  • Cheaters detectives help Joey Cahill discover his girlfriend's ulterior motives with her gay coworker.

  • Security consultant Robert Lucas calls on Cheaters to tail his wayward fiancee, who it turns out would rather play than stay.

  • Brittany Caon spies on her girlfriend in the home they share, revealing that old sexual habits die hard.

  • Tonya Jones discovers her husband's womanizing ways include bar fights and visits to strangers bedrooms.