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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (634)

Conspiracy of Silence is a pivotal, thrilling Swedish drama series that hit the TV screens in 2018. Produced by Swedish broadcaster TV4’s streaming service, C More, along with the international Entertainment One group, this series, also known as Ingen Utan Skuld, is set in the treacherously murky international arms industry's web.

The show revolves around the life of the lead character, Robert Kastell. Discarded by society and abandoned by his own country, Robert is a disgraced former arms dealer and an ex-communicated Swedish expatriate. Living in obscurity for many years, he is spurred into action when he learns about an explosive, unspeakable truth about Sweden's engagement in the international arms trade. It evoked within him a thirst for vengeance and a determination to expose the vast, corruption-laced system that destroyed his life.

The plot thickens as his campaign for retribution brings him back to his homeland, a captivating journey reclaimed by an intricate maze of conspiracy, danger, and life-threatening encounters. The storyline masterfully builds up tragedy, suspense, and action from Robert's perspective, enhancing the intense portrayal of his tormented psyche deeply scarred by his betrayed past.

While Robert Kastell, portrayed by Jens Hultén, is the central figure of Conspiracy of Silence, the series also introduces other significant characters. These include Åsa, played by Vera Vitali, a persistent political journalist trying to unmask the ugly truth behind the arms industry. With her own motives driving her pursuit for truth, she unknowingly becomes a critical part of Robert's quest for vengeance. Robert's ruthless former business partner, Martin, stands as another formidable character in the narrative. Portrayed by Henrik Mestad, Martin is an influential figure treading the fine line between legality and criminality in the fluid world of the arms industry.

Conspiracy of Silence strikingly portrays the dangerous and dark world of the international arms trade by using the backdrop of the beautiful yet stark northern parts of Sweden, contributing to the series' suspenseful ambiance. The show captures the viewers' attention, not just with its thrilling plot, but also with its breath-taking cinematography, capturing the Scandinavian landscape's natural beauty in stark contrast with the bleak, haunting narrative.

The series is much more than an action-packed thriller. It is a commentary on the geopolitical complexities, personal stakes, exploitation, and the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the international arms trade. The narrative unveils layers of deceit, revenge, and underworld dealings in the veneer of polished corporate boardrooms and political wranglings. It depicts the conflicts between the desire for personal justice, the obligation towards truth, and the inherent risks of this endeavor.

Furthermore, Conspiracy of Silence deeply explores the characters' emotional landscapes. It delves beneath the surface, providing perspectives into their intricate personalities and hidden motives. The series demonstrates how each of them is bound by the web of the arms industry, how it impacts their personal life, and how their decisions consequentially influence the larger socio-political context.

The director of Conspiracy of Silence, Charlotte Brändström, skillfully translates the script's emotional intensity onto the screen, while the scriptwriters successfully marry action with deep social commentary. The ensemble cast, led by Jens Hultén, delivers a powerful performance, making the characters truly believable and relatable. The musical score plays its part too, underscoring the narrative's suspenseful moments, and heightening the dramatic effect.

Conspiracy of Silence represents a new era of Swedish television production, underscoring contemporary issues and emphasizing on immersive storytelling. It is the Nordic noir genre at its best, combining high-stakes drama, action, and political intrigue with the stark, atmospheric beauty of Swedish landscape. The series beckons viewers into a world hushed by the powers that be and promises a ride filled with adrenaline, suspense, and compelling narratives, making Conspiracy of Silence well worth a watch.

Conspiracy of Silence
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Cannot Be Undone
8. Cannot Be Undone
January 1, 2018
Robert and Åsa discover they've been double-crossed by a friend.
Not Animals
7. Not Animals
January 1, 2018
Åsa believes she's hit rock-bottom until the police deliver news about her father's murder.
At Any Price
6. At Any Price
January 1, 2018
Robert's daughter discovers that she is alive and angrily confronts Anders in search of the truth.
Wilted Leaves
5. Wilted Leaves
January 1, 2018
When Åsa goes on the run, Robert promises he will find those responsible for her father's murder.
Someone Will Pay
4. Someone Will Pay
January 1, 2018
As Åsa attempts to analyze the files she found in her father's storage unit, she finds her life is in danger.
Past, Present and Future
3. Past, Present and Future
January 1, 2018
Åsa's search for her missing father leads her to a key that is hidden among his personal belongings.
Our Father
2. Our Father
January 1, 2018
When his simple revenge plot is complicated, Robert seeks the help of a new man who he believes can help him on his path.
1. Lazarus
January 1, 2018
Robert Kastell returns to Sweden after a long exile to get revenge on the arms dealer that betrayed him.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (634)