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  • TV-MA
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.8  (3,212)

State of Happiness is a Norwegian television drama series that premiered in 2018 and ran for two seasons until 2022. The show is set in Stavanger, a coastal town in Norway, during the years of 1969 to 1974, which were crucial in the development of the Norwegian oil industry. A time when the discovery of oil changed the economic and social landscape of Norway forever. The storyline reflects the changes in the town's people and how it transforms from a conservative area to a more open-minded and modern society.

Anne Regine Ellings stars as an ambitious, young woman named Anna Hellevik who is working as a secretary for the city's political elite. Her father, who owns a shipping company, is struggling to stay afloat in the changing times. Anna is a symbol of the changes happening in the society, and her character is portrayed as a feminist, who is not hesitant to challenge the traditional values of her family and community.

The series traces the political and social journey of Norway after the discovery of oil in the North Sea. We see the struggles, controversies and debates that ensued with managing the newfound wealth, and the consequences that the change had on people's lives. The show portrays the shift in power dynamics from the traditional upper classes to the new oil barons, as well as the struggles between different political groups.

The writers and creators have done an excellent job of capturing the detail of the times, the changing fashion, music, and architecture, and the tensions between the traditional and modern Norway. The storyline is slow-paced and multi-faceted, giving viewers a chance to understand the motivations of the different characters and their perspectives on the changes happening in their society.

The series, which is produced by NRK, is a collaboration with Germany, France, and Denmark, and is a reflection of the international interest in the complexities of Norway's oil and energy industry. The series boasts of excellent cinematography and production design, which brings alive the 70s era with an impeccable attention to detail.

One of the fascinating aspects of State of Happiness is how it manages to blend the political and social elements with personal stories that are relatable and engaging. The series follows the lives of several characters, all with their own unique take on the changing landscape of Norway. The characters are well written and have depth, and the actors give great performances to bring them to life.

The show's soundtrack is excellent, with a mix of 70s Norwegian and international music, which complements the era portrayed in the series. The overall aesthetic of the show is impeccably put together, with excellent costume design and subtle but impactful makeup.

In conclusion, State of Happiness is a must-watch for anyone interested in political drama, historical fiction or Nordic culture. The show excellently portrays the struggles and changes of an entire society, while also tugging at the heartstrings of the viewer with the personal stories of its characters. Anne Regine Ellings and the rest of the cast deliver stellar performances that bring the characters to life. Overall, State of Happiness is an excellent example of what modern television can achieve when it blends historical accuracy with excellent storytelling.

State of Happiness is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2019.

State of Happiness
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8. 123
February 13, 2022
A tremendous rescue operation is launched in the aftermath of the Alexander Kielland Platform collapse, Ingrid snaps into action.
7. Mayday
February 13, 2022
An unexpected collapse results in the death of more than 200 people. Everyone grapples with horror while searching for an explanation.
30 Dollars a Barrel
6. 30 Dollars a Barrel
February 6, 2022
Oil prices reach record highs. Meanwhile, Marius struggles to find his stride in school and Martin receives an offer he may not be able to refuse.
Peace and War
5. Peace and War
January 30, 2022
Marius is surprised by an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Anna engages in a budding friendship. An Iranian coup opens new doors for Nyman Diving.
320 Meters Deep
4. 320 Meters Deep
January 23, 2022
To Anna's dismay, she discovered that critical safety protocols have been abandoned during test dives. Meanwhile, Christian exposes the complexities of C-Max's financial hemorrhage.
The Ugly Face of Greed
3. The Ugly Face of Greed
January 16, 2022
The blowout in Ekofisk Bravo is investigated. Meanwhile, Marie prepares to celebrate her christening when she realizes Marius has gone missing. The secret Anna has been holding onto is exposed.
Well Killers
2. Well Killers
January 9, 2022
The environmental protection efforts from the spill are still on-going, and the true weight of its consequences are still being discovered. Meanwhile, Studio 37 is staged for its grand opening.
High Production Tempo
1. High Production Tempo
January 2, 2022
It's 5 years later and the oil industry is booming in Norway when an alarm sounds on the Bravo platform. Rein finds himself at the center of a disaster that thrusts environmental protection into the political spotlight.Originally titled Lykkeland.
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State of Happiness is available for streaming on the Topic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch State of Happiness on demand at Apple TV Channels and Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (3,212)