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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 3.8  (261)

Hannah Gadsby's Nakedy Nudes is a unique exploration of nudes throughout Western art history, unapologetically breaking down preconceived notions and reshaping our understanding of human bodies in art. Hosted by award-winning comedian Hannah Gadsby, this 2018 show is a delightful blend of art history, social commentary, and humor.

In two 30-minute episodes, Gadsby delves deep into the concept of the naked human body as shown in highbrow culture of the West. She reaches as far back as the Greek and Roman empires, discussing how these ancient societies portrayed the human form and its influence on subsequent European art. Gadsby's detailed insights and analysis are complemented by beautiful lenses into notable paintings and sculptures centralized in public spaces, museums, and galleries.

The show also sheds light on how the portrayal of the nude reflects changing societal perceptions of beauty, modesty, and power dynamics, particularly between the genders. Gadsby waves a critical flag on the male gaze and the common practice of objectifying women in historical art forms. As a female presenter, her interpretations of these supposedly 'erotic' or 'revealing' artwork are compelling and offer a fresh perspective. Not only does she succeed in examining the gender and power dynamics in these works, but she also makes a point of emphasizing how nudity in art can relay messages far beyond eroticism.

Hannah Gadsby gives an equally engaging analysis of masculinity in art, bringing to light the nuanced differences and similarities between the portrayal of male and female bodies. Viewers can expect to explore how male nudity has been often intertwined with power, dominance, and divinity. Gadsby's humorous yet profound analysis shows how these artistic choices and societal expectations collided to shape depictions of masculinity and power.

Audiences familiar with Gadsby's wit and humor from her standup will appreciate how she seamlessly weaves comedy throughout Nakedy Nudes. Despite discussing complex and often serious topics, the show maintains a fervent vibrance due to Gadsby's comedic flair. She frequently uses dry, self-deprecating humor and word play, drawing audience into a historically dense topic with light-hearted ease.

This isn't a straightforward lecture-style documentary. Gadsby steps out of the studio and takes the audience in a more personal and immersive art experience. The inclusion of on-screen animations, live demonstrations, and interviews with experts enrich the visual storytelling. The show balances being educational and stimulating, all while imparting the viewer with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the portrayal of the human body in Western art.

In essence, Hannah Gadsby’s Nakedy Nudes is a vibrant exploration of the naked human form as depicted throughout Western art history. Brimming with humor, discussion, and thoughtful analysis, Gadsby scrutinizes the narratives surrounding these paintings and sculptures, dismantling age-old conventions and casting new light on what the audience should perceive in artwork.

The show does not shy away from exploring nudity's nuanced relationship with politics, power, and culture, offering a fresh perspective on familiar artworks. For viewers interested in art, history, or social constructs or simply fans of Gadsby's unique humor, Hannah Gadsby's Nakedy Nudes offers an enlightening and entertaining journey into the heart of nudity's role in Western art. Art lovers, history buffs, and even novices in the realm of art can find themselves fascinated by Hannah Gadsby's engaging examination and thought-provoking insights, enhanced by her characteristic wit and humor.
The result is a show that enlightens, engages, and even entertain, leaving viewers with more understanding and appreciation for the place of nudity in the world of art.

Hannah Gadsby's Nakedy Nudes is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2018.

Hannah Gadsby's Nakedy Nudes
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The Male Glaze
2. The Male Glaze
January 1, 2018
Hannah takes us through the nudes of the twentieth century and celebrates the feminist art revolution that emerged.
The Birth of the Ideal
1. The Birth of the Ideal
January 1, 2018
Hannah's tour starts in Ancient Greece, where the male body was considered the only body worthy of representation.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    3.8  (261)