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  • 1997
  • 2 Seasons

Here is your passport to grand adventure! Join country mouse Emily and her city mouse cousin, Alexander, as they travel the world visiting wondrous new lands, making new friends and experiencing fantastic adventures in the late 1800s.

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Trinidad Mousequerade
26. Trinidad Mousequerade
January 1, 1998
When our mice arrive in Trinidad, cousin Simone introduces them to Melanie Monbrun whose parents own a sugar cane plantation. That night, at the annual masquerade ball, everyone is frightened by an appearance of The Midnight Robber! He warns Melanie's parents not to cut their sugar cane- or else. The lights go out and when they come back on Simone's priceless necklace has been stolen! Our mice find out there are TWO Midnight Robbers and one is none other than Notail Nogoodnik. When the Monbrun's discover their precious sugar cane has been stolen, their neighbor Mr. Warner offers to buy their land. Emily and Alexander must orchestra the appearance of a THIRD Midnight Robber- Melanie herself- in a desperate attempt to stop the sale of the land- but they're too late- the deal has been signed. When Warner's dog chases Notail Nogoodnik out of town, the donkey Emily is riding gets frightened and kicks something strange in the Monbrun's field. Suddenly, a gusher of oil bursts forth! It rains down on Warner's agreement, reducing it to paper pulp. Thanks to the mice, the Monbrun's have their plantation back AND they've struck oil!
North Pole Mice
25. North Pole Mice
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander are off to the North Pole! Joining their cousin Mackenzie "Makko" Mouse at Ellsemere Island in the frozen north, they are determined to be the first mice to the pole. They discover that Makko has explored the arctic and drawn a map that will lead them right to this elusive spot. Unfortunately, their friend Tuk's father, who is part of the Peary expedition, has not been as lucky. Tuk fears his father is lost and is determined to find him. Rides on accommodating polar bears, run-ins with wolverines and attacks by snowy owls are all part of the adventure as our mice lead Tuk to his father. When the boy show's Peary Makko Mouse's map- the Peary expedition changes its route and reaches the pole. Peary gets the credit, but our mice know who really found the North Pole- their cousin, Makko Mouse.
Olympic Mice
24. Olympic Mice
January 1, 1998
The mice arrive in Athens to watch their cousin Nikos, a tiny but determined athlete, compete in the Mouse Olympics. But something is terribly wrong. A shifty rat is winning all the events! Nikos is sure the rat is cheating, but he can't prove it. Meanwhile, Nikos' friend Christos is out to cheer on Spyridon- a humble soldier from his village who is the fastest runner in all of Greece. But Spyridon's rival, Dimitri, is determined to win the race. Christos and the mice watch in horror as Dimitri gives Spyridon the wrong directions and their hero sets off in the wrong direction! Christos and Nikos must catch up to Spyridon and set him on the winning course while Emily and Alexander find out what's really going on at the Mouse Olympics. When Emily discovers women mice are not allowed to compete, she dons a disguise and throws the winning olive pit shot put! She also discovers that the cheating Olympic rat is none other than Notail Nogoodnik himself. Spyridon wins the marathon, but the mouse officials award Emily the biggest prize. When they discover she threw the medal winning toss, they decide to let women mice compete in future Olympics!
Teddy Bear Mice
23. Teddy Bear Mice
January 1, 1998
Cousin Nina is about to unveil her newest toy invention: teething cheese for mice! Actually, they're not made out of real cheese, but a sticky goo that hardens into soft chewy toys. Her friend Kristen is excited about her friend Richard Stieff latest toy invention: a stuffed bear named "Friend Petz". Unfortunately, Heinz, the spoiled boy next door, is determined to buy the bear and when Kirsten won't let him, he steals it! Meanwhile, Notail Nogoodnik has stuffed a sack of stolen diamonds into an opening in the bear's foot. Before they know it, the mice, Kirsten, and Notail are all out to find the missing bear. The mice steal back the bear and Notial retrieves his diamonds but when Heinz's cat, Frankfurter, scares him he drops the diamonds right into the vat of sticky goo. The next thing he knows- they are rattling inside a new batch of cheese toys!. It's a wild ride on a runaway toy train before the mice catch Notail, get back the diamonds and set a furry trap for Heinz-a stuffed bear filled with sticky goo! Back home, Alexander is delighted to read that the bear is a huge success and has a been re-named after President Theodore Roosevelt. Now it's- the Teddy Bear!
When Irish Mice are Smiling
22. When Irish Mice are Smiling
January 1, 1998
Alexander can't believe his luck!. Aunt Fiona has left him a castle! Blarney Castle to be exact. Charming cousin O'Riley is ready to take him there, but first they're a mystery to solve. O'Riley's friend Rory, who longs to be a jockey against his grandfather's wishes, has mysteriously disappeared! Meanwhile, Notail Nogoodnik is trying for his biggest heist ever: stealing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But it's not easy. When he overhears if you catch a leprechaun he must give you his gold, he figures his problems are over. Unfortunately, he mistakes O'Riley for one of the little people and Emily and Alexander soon have two friends missing: Rory and O'Riley. With the help of a friendly Irish wolf hound, our mice save their friends, but when Notail inadvertently sets the stable on fire, Rory must jump on the fastest horse and race for help while the mice (doing their best leprechaun impersonations) help Rory's grandfather put out the blaze. Rory's riding skill saves the stable and helps his grandfather see that he would make a fine jockey. Alexander finally arrives at the Blarney Castle only to discover it's- the most popular mouse restaurant in all of Ireland!
Down Under Plunder
21. Down Under Plunder
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander arrive in New Zealand on a very historic day. It is the day women will discover if they have been given the right to vote! Their cousin Amanda has worked long and hard to make it happen, but it is up to a vote in the House of Parliament. Her friend Kim's mother, Kate Sheppard, and the other women wait nervously for the results only to hear that the vote is tied! There will be another vote the following day. Kim and the mice have 24 hours to find someone to break the tie. Amanda remembers that Maori chiefs are allowed to vote and the quartet heads off into the jungle to somehow convince one to vote for their cause. When Kim bravely saves the Chief Kupe's son Tiki from the side of a volcano, the chief comes to understand that women deserve to get the right to vote. In the nick of time, the chief casts his vote and the tie is broken: New Zealand women are the first in the world to get the right to vote! Back in New York, Emily and Alexander must now fight to get women the right to vote in the United States- a battle that could take... years!
Siamese Mice
20. Siamese Mice
January 1, 1998
Our mice arrive in the beautiful city of Bangkok, "The Venice of the East", just in time to witness the coronation of Crown Prince Vajiravudh. Their cousin Prem explains that when the prince becomes king he will be able to wear the priceless Star of Siam, a sapphire ring that sparkles in the sunlight. Unfortunately, Notail Nogoodnik has his heart set on stealing the priceless jewel. When the Prince stops his royal procession to let his elephant, Peanuts, have a drink of water, Notail sneaks off, clutching the ring in his greedy paws. The prince instantly accuses Prem's friend Trang , who was the only one left alone with Peanuts of stealing the ring. It is up to Emily, Alexander and Prem, with some help from Trang's wise old elephant Chai-chai, to find Notail, get back the Star of Siam and slip it into the Prince's pocket. When the prince discovers it safe and sound, he apologizes to Trang and lets Chai-Chai carry the new king in the royal procession!
High Flying Hi-Jinks
19. High Flying Hi-Jinks
January 1, 1998
The mice travel to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to witness the first flight of the Wright Brother's plane. Jake Richardson, who owns a mean looking falcon and works at the bird sanctuary, is worried that the planes will disturb the nearby nests of the laughing gulls. When the plane's sprockets turn up missing, the mice and Cousin Charlotte's friend Johnny discover that the laughing gulls are the thieves. But before the mice can get the sprockets back to the Wright Brothers, the angry gulls scoop up the mice and fly away with them. It's a midair bird fight as the falcon goes after the gulls as the gulls drop the mice. They fall through the air and land on... the plane! As the gulls nip at the plane a wire begins to unravel. It is up to the mice to hold the plane together until it can complete its historic flight!
Hong Kong Mice
18. Hong Kong Mice
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander visit their cousin Jaow-Long in Hong Kong for the annual Dragon Boat festival. Their cousin's friend Yin is hoping his boat will win the race, but the rivalry between villages is intense. One night the mice see Hwang-Foo, a mean spirited fisherman with a meaner looking cormorant on his shoulder, carve a small piece out of the bottom of Yin's father's boat. Before the mice can warn Yin, the race is on! Emily must call on her new friend, a huge koi goldfish, to pull the mouse dragon boat out to Yin and get him the piece of wood to fix the hole in his boat. It's a race to the finish, but Yin's boat wins! As Yin's father accepts the prize money, the cormorant suddenly flies toward the bag of coins and it falls into the water! Emily jumps on the koi's back as it dives underwater and comes up with the bag of gold pieces just in time to join Alexander and Jaow-Long as part of the crew that wins the Mouse Dragon Boat Race.
World's Fair Mice
17. World's Fair Mice
January 1, 1998
Cousin Josephine meets the mice at the mouth of the Mississippi with exciting news. They are about to travel with her friend Harriet and the famous inventor George Washington Carver, to the St. Louis World's Fair! Carver is going to enter his latest invention ,peanut butter, in a contest. But when our mice sneak a taste, they can't believe their taste buds. It's TERRIBLE! In fact, instead of peanuts, it tastes like rotten walnuts! When Professor Waldo, Carver's arch rival, boasts about his Nutty Walnut Sandwich Spread, our mice decide to investigate. It is up to them to discover what happened and help Carver convince the judges that Waldo switched his walnut spread for Carver's delicious peanut butter. Back home, Alexander searches for just the right thing to go with the peanut butter. Finally, he's got it. Peanut butter and.... jelly!
The Big Cheese
16. The Big Cheese
January 1, 1998
The mice have been invited to Holland to witness the coronation of its newest queen, cousin Miep's best friend, ten year old Wilhemina. But when they arrive they discover a distressing fact. The palace mice, indeed all the mice of Holland, are starving. Cheese is mysteriously disappearing and the meager stores that are left are too salty to eat! The mice hurry to the village and discover that the mouse cheese warehouse has been flooded with saltwater and there is only one rat with any cheese left to sell. In fact, it is a strangely familiar looking rat. It is Notail Nogoodnik himself, who has cornered the cheese market and is raking in money. As the minutes tick down to the little queen's coronation, the mice must find a way to plug up the holes Notail has put in the dike and run the rat out of town before the mouse village is completely flooded and the delicious cheese of Holland destroyed forever.
Houdini Mice
15. Houdini Mice
January 1, 1998
It's a magical escapade as the mice witness the amazing feats of the great Houdini. After yet another death defying escape, the words "Fraud!" and "Cheat!" suddenly fill the theatre. It's none other than Engel Vanschlump, a shifty looking man who challenges Houdini to the ultimate test: The Vanschlump Underwater Escape Tank. The fearless Houdini takes the challenge, but when the mice witness Vanschlump switching Houdini's handcuffs with another pair, they fear the worst. As Houdini struggles underwater, it is up to Emily to swim down into the tank, put the key in the handcuffs and free him. It is only when the key accidentally slips out of her paws that she discovers what a great escape artist Houdini really is.
White House Mouse
14. White House Mouse
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander travel to Washington D.C. to visit their cousin Archie, whose best friend, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. lives in the White House! The mice learn that President Roosevelt's horse, Cyclone, is his most prized possession. Unfortunately, when Ted Jr. accidentally leaves the stall door open, Cyclone disappears. Meanwhile, a shifty rat is busy impersonating a Mouse White House historian. But wait a minute: he doesn't know that Betsy Ross made the first flag! It's none other than Notail Nogoodnik who's out to steal Cyclone's solid gold horseshoes. With the President due back any moment, it is up to the mice to find Cyclone, recover the gold horseshoes, run Notail out of town and get everything back to normal so the President, Cyclone and Ted Jr. can ride in the fourth of July parade..
Wild West Mice
13. Wild West Mice
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander are enjoying a nice, relaxing spot of tea in a cafe in quiet old New York when suddenly a whooping group of cowboys thunders past. Cowboys? in New York? The mice soon discover that Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show is in town! Soon they meet up with their cousin Annie, the star of the Mouse Rodeo. She taught Annie Oakley everything she knows. But there's trouble a-brewing. Buffalo Bill's Presidential gold medal is stolen and he closes down the show till it's found. This puts a snag in Annie's friend Rusty's plans to become a Wild West Rodeo Clown. It's up to our mice to discover the real culprit-none other than Notail Nogoodnik. In a rootin', tootin', no shootin' Wild West Showdown, the mice out-trick, out-ride and out-race Notail and return the medal to it's rightful owner.
Three Mice and You're Out
12. Three Mice and You're Out
January 1, 1998
Cousin Casey welcomes the mice to the first world series of baseball. Casey introduces them to his friend Joey, whose father is the team's pitcher Fast Ball McFall. But there's bad news: Fast Ball is in a slump. Fast Ball assures his son he'll pull out of it, especially since he has his lucky four leaf clover. Unfortunately, the manager for the opposing team knows that Fast Ball is very superstitious, so he makes sure the pitcher's lucky piece disappears. Meanwhile, the mouse world series between the Mudville Rats and the No Sox Mice is heating up while a particularly shifty looking rat keeps stealing the bases (literally!) It's that nefarious Notail Nogoodnik out to win at any cost and it's up to our mice to return Fast Ball's lucky piece and win the game for the No Sox Mice in the bottom of the ninth!
Panama Mice
11. Panama Mice
January 1, 1998
The mice have been invited by their cousin Pedro to attend the grand opening of the Panama Canal. He introduces them to his new friend Willy, the nephew of General Goethals who is in charge of construction. Willy and Pedro are worried that the canal will be finished in time. Frightened workers keep quitting. They keep hearing scary noises in the night and their valuables are being stolen. Pedro is convinced the scary noises are coming from El Mar Dragon- a sea monster that does not want the mighty oceans to be joined. Alexander doubts that, but agrees there is a mystery to solve. When they discover rat tracks, the mice set a trap and net the biggest rat of them all: Notail Nogoodnik. He's been robbing the workers, but he's just as frightened of El Mar Dragon as anyone. The mice must uncover the real El Mar Dragon and save Pedro from Notail's clutches before the Canal opens and lets in zillions of gallons of water!
Solid Gold Mouse
10. Solid Gold Mouse
January 1, 1998
The mice are off to the exotic land of Bali- also known as Shangri-La- to visit their cousin Musi. Musi's friend Danu is going to dance for the raja at the palace, but something terrible has happened: her solid gold headpiece has disappeared! Without it, she cannot dance at the royal performance and her family will be shamed. Musi also makes a troubling discovery. She is scheduled to dance for the mouse raja, but the other dancers rush in to tell her that their gold dresses have disappeared as well! Emily disguises herself as a dancer to search for clues and soon discovers the culprit is none other than Notail Nogoodnik. The mice, with the help of a royal Balinese cat, trick Notail into revealing where he is keeping the stolen costumes and get them back just in time for Danu and Musi to dance for the royalty of Bali.
Sherlock Mouse
9. Sherlock Mouse
January 1, 1998
Elementary my dear Watson.. er.. Alexander. Arthur Conan Doyle's priceless manuscript for The Hound of the Baskervilles is missing! Was it burned as the ashes in the fireplace might indicate? Was it stolen and the half burned page merely a ruse to send our sleuths off the track? And what are the petals from a rare rose doing in Mr. Doyle's study when there are no flowers in the room? The mice help their cousin Sherlock and his friend Amy, with the reluctant assistance of Sherlock' rat nemesis, Mori Rati, discover that the manuscript has been stolen by the strange Mr. Smith. A frustrated author, he has stolen the story and is about to sell it as his own. The mice trick Smith and Doyle into meeting at Big Ben in the London fog and successfully return The Hound of the Baskervilles to its rightful owner.
Cinematic Mice
8. Cinematic Mice
November 28, 2016
Monique Mouse and her friend Renee Lumiere have a big surprise. Renee's uncles, Auguste and Louis Lumiere have just invented the first camera that takes moving pictures and the mice have been invited for the world premiere! Madame Hainaut has loaned them her theatre, but someone does not want the Lumiere's to present their invention. A candle is left burning under a rope which causes a sandbag to fall and nearly destroy the camera. That night, as their moving picture of a train hurtles toward the crowd, a strange man causes a stampede by assuring the audience the train is headed right for them! When everyone returns to the theatre the man and the camera are gone! Our mice find the missing camera and discover the "man" is none other than Madame Hainaut herself. She was worried that moving pictures would bring an end to live theater!
Marconi Mice
7. Marconi Mice
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander are about to witness history in the making! Marconi, the great inventor, is preparing to send the first transatlantic wireless telegraph transmission from England to Newfoundland! But strange things are happening. Their boat is suddenly set on a course bound for icebergs. The antenna which will receive the signal from England has been destroyed. Someone wants Marconi's experiment to fail, but who? Following a string of clues, the mice help Marconi's niece Gina unmask the culprit, but how can they fix the broken antenna? With time running out, their cousin Sophia, an expert on Marconi's design, discovers a way to receive the signal and the experiment's a resounding success!
Posh Mice
6. Posh Mice
January 1, 1998
It's the first voyage of the Mauritania and the equally elegant Mousetania as mice, rats and people cross the ocean to seek a new life in America. Cousin Cosmo introduces the mice to his friend Vito Marocchi. Vito's father, Aldo, dreams of opening a tailor shop in his new home. The mice become suspicious when Vito explains that the steward is holding Aldo's money and papers for safe keeping. Soon, they uncover the steward's plan to swindle the Marocchi's out of their money and make sure they are deported as soon as they land in Ellis Island. With the help of their new friends, a rat family called the Katzmans, Emily and Alexander get the Marrochi's money and papers back before the steward sends them forever into the sea. Everyone celebrates as Lady Liberty welcome them to New York City.
Jungle Mice
5. Jungle Mice
January 1, 1998
The mice are thrilled to be going with their cousin Tio and his friend Sugita on an expedition into the jungles of the mountainous Congo. Sugita is guiding the famous British naturalist Mary Kingsley who is writing the first in-depth study of African insects. Suddenly the mice find themselves in the midst of a jungle stampede! The terrified animals are running from the machete of Mowdown Mack, a nefarious logger who is out to level the jungle. The mice meet a gorilla named Kunte and are enchanted by her baby: a beautiful albino gorilla- but they're not the only ones. Mowdown is convinced this rare animal will make him famous- and rich! It is up to our mice ,with some unexpected help from a pygmy warrior, to save the baby gorilla and rid the jungle of Mowdown Mack forever.
Meatball Mice
4. Meatball Mice
January 1, 1998
Cousin Mario dreams of being an inventor and is studying the recently released scientific notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. His friend Benedetta welcomes the mice and tells them about an upcoming cooking contest to honor the visit of King Umberto and Queen Margherita. Her parents are hoping to win and make their restaurant the most famous in Venice. But Mr. Serichi, owner of a rival restaurant, has other plans. He steals Benedetta's secret family recipe, intending to pass it off as his own. When Benedetta is caught in the Serichi's kitchen trying to steal the recipe back, the mice launch a food fight to help her escape. Remembering da Vinci's design for a catapult, Mario sends meatballs flying. Unfortunately, in the ensuing gondola chase, the recipe falls into the canal and is lost forever. Benedetta is resigned to her parents losing the contest, but Mario has a way to win: :his uncle Esposito Mouse's secret recipe for.... pizza!
Mouse in the Mayan Moon
3. Mouse in the Mayan Moon
January 1, 1998
Emily and Alexander arrive on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico where they meet cousin Xoc and his friend Wendy. She is the daughter of archaeologist Edward Thompson who has uncovered the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. When Alexander gets off the boat he accidentally bumps into some mice workers and is covered head to toe with flour. The workers bow to him believing he is Caban- the moon goddess! When she appears, she steals the moon from the sky! Mr. Thompson opens the Sun Temple and discovers a priceless statue of a jaguar, but a certain rat has seen it too. Notail Nogoodnik is determined to have it for his own. The dastardly rat, impersonating a Shaman, snatches Emily and the statue and it is up to Alexander- who must become the moon goddess one more time- to command an eclipse of the moon, save Emily and return the statue to the people of Mexico.
Ballet Mouse
2. Ballet Mouse
January 1, 1998
There is trouble behind the scenes at the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg. Cousin Nadya's friend Anna Pavlova has a big audition coming up, and a terrible case of stage fright.. Scary things have been happening to her and she's afraid she'll never be able to dance again. Tracking down a series of clues and trying to keep one jump ahead of Ludmilla, the backstage cat, the mice discover that the person trying to scare Anna away from the ballet is none other than her best friend, Olga. The mice arrive just in time to see Olga take Anna's place in the audition, but what's happened to the "real" Anna Pavlova? Our mice find her just in time for her to make a dramatic entrance on-stage and delight the dance master with the performance of her career. Meanwhile, Nadya has perfected her own unique style of dancing that soon makes her a famous star of modern dance.
Bicycle Mice
1. Bicycle Mice
January 1, 1998
Our mice are happily watching the first Tour de France bicycle race as well as cheering their cousin "Rocket Renaud" in the first Tour de Cheese. Renaud's friend Olivier Bonnidee is worried: his father must win the Tour de France or they could lose their winery to the greedy banker, Monsieur Grossnez. The mice soon discover that Mr. Grossnez's well placed thumb tacks have forced Olivier's father into last place. Meanwhile, Renaud is preparing to race with his new aerodynamically designed bicycle. But there's a rat with his eye on Renaud's invention: none other than Notail Nogoodnik. It's two wild races to the finish as the mice help Olivier's father win the Tour de France while Renaud foils Notail and wins the Tour de Cheese- by a whisker!

Here is your passport to grand adventure! Join country mouse Emily and her city mouse cousin, Alexander, as they travel the world visiting wondrous new lands, making new friends and experiencing fantastic adventures in the late 1800s. Country Mouse City Mouse is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1997.

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    January 1, 1997