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  • 1969
  • 2 Seasons

Families of the World takes you on fantastic journeys to other countries where you view the unique lives of children and their families. Each Film focuses on a different culture as seen in the way of life, foods, homes, schools, communities, and fun-filled activities of two families from breakfast to bedtime.

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Families of Vietnam
13. Families of Vietnam
In Vietnam, Anh Thu lives by the Mekong River with her family. She attends school and enjoys spending time with her friends and older brother. Her parents work on their banana and papaya plantation in the morning. In Ho Chi Minh City, nine-year-old Thanh Hong goes to school where she studies French, art and reading and plays games with friends. After school the family enjoys bowling.
Families of USA
12. Families of USA
Kyle lives in North Dakota with his parents and three brothers. They farm with his grandparents and several uncles and aunts and their families. We see how they harvest their grain, fix the harvesting machine, and take grain to the storage. Kristin and her family are African Americans living in Wilmington, Delaware. Her family activities take us to a computer class, basketball practice, and more.
Families of United Kingdom
11. Families of United Kingdom
Jessica, age 9, lives with her parents, grandmother and two sisters on a large dairy farm in western England. Part of their house is 400 years old, but the family enjoys modern conveniences. 10-year-old James lives in Bath, which has an ancient heritage as an old Roman outpost. James' family is musical; his father creates scores for television programs and his grandfather is a church bell ringer.
Families of Thailand
10. Families of Thailand
This program takes us to Bangkok to follow 10-year-old Rakkiaet and his family, who live and work on a canal. Rakkiaet goes to school by boat, his brother runs a water taxi and his mother does her shopping at the floating market. We also visit 7-year-old Akeem in a community of Sea Gypsies on Thailand's southern coast. We see Akeem's mother caring for her newborn infant.
Families of Sweden
9. Families of Sweden
"Families of Sweden" introduces 5-year-old Evelina, who lives with her brother and parents in Kalmar, Sweden. We visit Evelina's day care, watch her mother as she teaches her class, visit her father as he photographs cell phone cases. Then we meet 10-year-old Alex and his family and follow him to school and to swimming lessons.
Families of Russia
8. Families of Russia
Anya, age 7, lives in the industrial city Nizhny Novgorod, built hundreds of years ago on the Volga and Oka Rivers. We learn how important education is to Anya and her brother, and see her parents at work. Join Nicolai, age 10, whose family owns a farm where everyone pitches in and nothing is purchased if it can be made at home. In the village of Retkino we see local craftspeople making bowls.
Families of Puerto Rico
7. Families of Puerto Rico
9-year-old Jose and his family in Puerto Rico are closely watching weather reports on an approaching hurricane. We visit his mother, who supervises hurricane preparations, shop for emergency supplies with his father and sister, and visit a school. 8-year-old Laura lives on a farm in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Laura's mother does sustainable agriculture, growing bananas and tropical flowers.
Families of Philippines
6. Families of Philippines
Meet 13-year old Khim, a boy who lives on the island of Cebu with his grandparents, aunt and her two children. See the dozens of outrigger boats and the fishermen who collect the fish that he and his family eat nearly every night. Shahani, 7, lives in the capital city of Manila, a thriving city boasting many modern skyscrapers. She lives with her mom, dad and older sister.
Families of Panama
5. Families of Panama
Juan Diego is nine years old and lives in Panama City with his parents and grandparents. Join him as he goes to school, a Boy Scout meeting and a Family Day celebration at school. Raisa, a nine-year-old girl, lives in a village on the Pacific Ocean in Panama. See the birds, monkeys, agoutis and sloths that come by her neighborhood to eat. Learn about the famous Panama Canal and visit her school.
More Families of Mexico
4. More Families of Mexico
Meet 8-year-old Guadalupe, who lives with her parents and sister next door to her grandparents near the top of a small mountain in the state of Veracruz. The whole village is built on land that used to be part of a large hacienda. Maurice is a 12-year old boy who lives in the city of Jalapa, the capital of the state of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico. He attends private school with his sister.
Families of Mexico
3. Families of Mexico
"Families of Mexico" documents a family from the port city of Veracruz. Hermaina's father and mother own an advertising agency, which her father manages. Eight-year-old Brizia lives with her parents on her grandparents' farm. We visit her school and the surrounding farms owned by her aunts and uncles, who are making tamales, harvesting cactus for salad, and sorting sesame seeds.
Families of Korea
2. Families of Korea
Heejin lives in 600-year-old HaHoe village and is learning the village's ancient mask dance that's performed for visitors all summer long. Join Heejin and her father as they visit the local market. Follow 9-year-old Ki tae in Seoul, the capital of Korea, through a busy day in school and at his many after-school activities. Ki tae's mother shops in the neighborhood open market and supermarket.
Families of Kenya
1. Families of Kenya
Meet 11-year-old Prince, a sixth grader who lives in the city of Nairobi with his mother, who owns a preschool; father, a purchasing agent; and older siblings Ian and Shelby. Prince helps with morning chores before heading off to school. Eleven-year-old John starts his day on his family's farm at five a.m., helping his parents and brother, Jeffrey, with household chores.

Families of the World takes you on fantastic journeys to other countries where you view the unique lives of children and their families. Each Film focuses on a different culture as seen in the way of life, foods, homes, schools, communities, and fun-filled activities of two families from breakfast to bedtime.