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  • TV-14
  • 1984
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (39)

Giant Gorg was a Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise studio in 1984. The show depicts a young boy named Yuu Tagami who is living a regular life in New York until his father, a scientist named Dr. Tagami, sends him a package from Egypt containing a mysterious crystal. The crystal is the key to activating a giant robot named Gorg, built by the ancient civilization of El Dorado, which has been dormant for centuries.

Yuu soon learns that his father has been kidnapped by the evil organization GAIL, who intends to use the power of Gorg for their own nefarious purposes. In order to rescue his father and prevent GAIL from using Gorg to conquer the world, Yuu teams up with a group of scientists and pilots who are determined to stop GAIL and save the world.

The protagonist, Yuu, is a typical teenage boy who is thrown into a dangerous situation but rises to the challenge when given the chance to ride in the cockpit of Gorg. He is not an overly trained pilot, but he has a natural talent for flying and possesses sharp instincts, allowing him to adapt to the challenges presented by GAIL.

As the series progresses, Yuu becomes more determined to stop GAIL and unlock the secrets of Gorg. He is joined by a team of scientists and pilots including the tough-as-nails pilot Doris Nicholson, the brilliant but eccentric Dr. Wave, and the mysterious robot pilot Rod Balboa. Together they use their skills and knowledge to battle GAIL's army of robots and uncover the secret behind the ancient civilization of El Dorado.

What distinguishes Giant Gorg from other giant robot anime of the time is its emphasis on storytelling and character development. The series spends time exploring the backgrounds and motivations of its characters, creating a sense of depth and complexity that is often lacking in similar shows. In addition, while the action scenes are exciting and well-executed, the series does not rely solely on them to carry the story forward.

The animation style of Giant Gorg is typical of the time, employing a mix of traditional hand-drawn animation and limited use of cel shading techniques. There is occasional use of 3D computer-generated graphics for the robots and other mechanical objects, but this is used sparingly throughout the series.

The background music of the show is composed by Michiaki Watanabe, who creates a diverse score that ranges from orchestral pieces to electronic soundscapes. The opening theme song, "Bright Eyes," is memorable and energetic, providing a perfect introduction to the series.

In conclusion, Giant Gorg is a classic mecha anime series that stands out for its well-developed characters, compelling storyline, and memorable soundtrack. While it may not be as well-known as other giant robot anime of the time, it is a hidden gem that deserves to be discovered by fans of the genre.

Giant Gorg is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on May 5, 1984.

Giant Gorg
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The Shimmering Island
26. The Shimmering Island
May 5, 1984
In the series finale, nuclear missiles from all over the world set their eyes on New Austral Island.
Distant Bonds
25. Distant Bonds
May 5, 1984
As Rod and Skipper await the end, Yuu uncovers shocking ties between Manon and Gorg.
To the Mountain of Fire Once More
24. To the Mountain of Fire Once More
May 5, 1984
Can Yuu rescue Manon from a tragic fate?
The Austral Eradication Protocol
23. The Austral Eradication Protocol
May 5, 1984
As Gail falls apart, Yuu and Gorg take a last stand.
Footfalls of Retaliation
22. Footfalls of Retaliation
May 5, 1984
Skipper reveals a master plan.
Town Panic
21. Town Panic
May 5, 1984
Can Gorg and Skipper rescue Yuu before he's taken to New York?
The Captive Giant
20. The Captive Giant
May 5, 1984
Yuu's life is on the line after being trapped by Gail.
Escape, And Then.
19. Escape, And Then.
May 5, 1984
Gorg, Yuu, and Doris search for home in the wake of a massive battle.
Slumbering in the Labyrinth
18. Slumbering in the Labyrinth
May 5, 1984
Can Yuu find peace with Manon after a rocky first encounter?
17. Trigger
May 5, 1984
What are the secrets of Manon?
The Gates of Time
16. The Gates of Time
May 5, 1984
Yuu and Doris meet up with the mysterious Manon.
Journey's End
15. Journey's End
May 5, 1984
Skipper and Dr. Wave team up to rescue Yuu and Doris. But the journey is a deadly one.
Separate Ways
14. Separate Ways
May 5, 1984
Gorg teams up with Yuu and Doris to challenge Lady Lynx.
Lady Lynx
13. Lady Lynx
May 5, 1984
Yuu and Doris must escape the trap of Lady Lynx.
Green Mat
12. Green Mat
May 5, 1984
Yuu finds himself closer and closer to the mystery of New Austral Island.
Towards the Light
11. Towards the Light
May 5, 1984
A mighty titanic battle engulfs Gorg.
Dark Bay
10. Dark Bay
May 5, 1984
Gail's plot against Gorg goes into full force.
Into the Darkness
9. Into the Darkness
May 5, 1984
Yuu and Alois find themselves lost in a mysterious cave.
Gail's Mineshaft
8. Gail's Mineshaft
May 5, 1984
The Gail Corporation pushes Yuu and his friends into danger.
The Fortress at Magma Hill
7. The Fortress at Magma Hill
May 5, 1984
Gorg leads Yuu to the secrets of Austral Island.
Gorg's Secret
6. Gorg's Secret
May 5, 1984
Gorg's revelation shocks Yuu.
The Island of the God
5. The Island of the God
May 5, 1984
Yuu and Gorg come face to face.
4. Encounter
May 5, 1984
Escaping a trecherous sea, Yuu and the crew find themselves split up at Austral Island.
Stormy Departure
3. Stormy Departure
May 5, 1984
Yuu and the crew escape to Samoa. But danger still lurks around every corner.
Westward Bound
2. Westward Bound
May 5, 1984
Yuu turns to a mysterious entity for help against the Gail corporation.
New York Suspense
1. New York Suspense
May 5, 1984
Led by his late father's guide, Yuu Tagama makes a journey to New York City.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 5, 1984
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (39)