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  • 2024
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (65)

Lapitch, the little Shoemaker is an animated television show for children that originally aired in 2000. It was produced by Haffa Diebold and Croatia Film and starred Barbara Rocco, Jasna Palic-Picukaric, and Zarko Savic. The show follows the adventures of Lapitch, a young mouse who dreams of becoming a master shoemaker like his father. One day, Lapitch's peaceful village is thrown into chaos when a group of pirates arrive and kidnap the village elder's daughter. Determined to rescue her, Lapitch sets out on a perilous journey across the sea with his friends, a young bird named Brewster and an old donkey named Crt.

As the trio travels to different lands, they encounter a variety of challenges and obstacles, including greedy merchants, treacherous pirates, and conniving sea monsters. Along the way, Lapitch must use his wits, courage, and craftsmanship to overcome these challenges and eventually rescue the kidnapped girl.

Throughout the series, Lapitch learns important lessons about friendship, loyalty, and determination. He also comes to understand the value of hard work and the importance of always following your dreams. Each episode is full of action, humor, and heart, making it an enjoyable and engaging show for children of all ages.

The animation in Lapitch, the little Shoemaker is bright, colorful, and whimsical, with a distinct European flair. The characters are all beautifully designed and have their own unique personalities and quirks. The dialogue is also witty and clever, with plenty of puns and wordplay to keep older viewers entertained.

One of the standout features of the show is its music, which is composed by Croatian musician Dubravko Palčić. The score is upbeat, catchy, and full of memorable tunes that will have viewers tapping their toes and humming along.

Overall, Lapitch, the little Shoemaker is a delightful and charming show for children that will also appeal to adults. Its themes of courage, friendship, and determination make it a great tool for teaching important life lessons, while its engaging characters and fantastical settings provide hours of entertainment.

Lapitch, the little Shoemaker
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Magical Gift
26. Magical Gift
Lapitch decides to make Melchior new shoes - in fact, he will make him Magic Boots. But although the shoes he designs look very good, they don't develop any magic powers. What do he have to do to let the shoes work magic?
High Noon
25. High Noon
Brewster has bad toothache. He will have to go to the dentist - but he runs away and hides in the belfry. In the end Lapitch manages to persuade him, that a visit to the dentist is a better idea. They are both scared, but when the dental appointment is over they know there was nothing to fear.
The Most Magical Boots
24. The Most Magical Boots
Melvin brings bad news: someone called the Great Bombasto is selling Magic Boots. When the Great Bombasto comes to Lapitch's town, the friends go to watch his sales pitch. These Magical Magic Boots do seem to be much more powerful than Lapitch's own boots. But do they really work at all ?
The War of the Weeds
23. The War of the Weeds
By mistake, Melchior mows Yanna's weed garden, and there is bad feeling between them. As Melchior mows them down again, Yanna, in revenge, sows poppies whose pollen makes everyone fall asleep. And when the wind rises, the whole town is in danger.
Yanna and the Wise Woman
22. Yanna and the Wise Woman
Esmeralda Rottwart a wise woman from Yannas old school appears and is going to test Yanna's knowledge of herbs and the healing arts. Lapitch think this is rather a peculiar examination. He plans to show Yanna that Esmeralda is deceiving her, and engineers a competition with other wise women.
Peace and Quiet
21. Peace and Quiet
A famous writer, Grimsdale, comes to town with his dog Poochie, to finish his book. Lapitch is to be his personal assistant. But the two of them are not easy guests. Then Poochie disappears, and Lapitch sets off in search of him, with the aid of the Magic Boots.
The Great Coach Robbery
20. The Great Coach Robbery
Melchior has hurt his foot so that he can only hobble. He entrusts his new invention to Lapitch - it is to be entered for a competition. But Dirty Rat steals the invention to win the prize for himself. However, when the invention is demonstrated it turns out to be a thief-catching machine, and it shows what it can do by catching Dirty Rat, thus winning first prize for Melchior.
Musical Interlude
19. Musical Interlude
Yanna and Melchior are practising the trumpet and tuba for the big music festival. Those famous musicians the Violinskys are expected. But someone steals the violins.Lapitch manages to retrieve the violins just in time and return them to the Violinskys. At last the concert can begin! But it's been a long day's work for Lapitch and Co., who sleep all through the concert.
The Great Book Caper
18. The Great Book Caper
One day the villagers find that all their books have disappeared. But the Magic Boots have already picked up the trail of the thieve. Dirty Rat is going to burn them, but with the aid of the Magic Boots, Lapitch manages to stop him.
Post Office
17. Post Office
Dirty Rat and the Pazinskys intend to find out the villagers' plans by reading their letters, so they break into the post office and discover just what they're looking for: news of the arrival of a shipment of gold. To hide the fact that they've broken in, they put the letters back in their envelopes - but at random, so they reach the wrong addresses, and Dirty Rat's evil plans are revealed.
The Sky Is Falling
16. The Sky Is Falling
Melchior and Lapitch are observing the night sky. A huge meteor is rumored to fall to earth, and Melchior sets off with Pico and Brewster to investigate it. All the townsfolk are terrified, which of course gives Dirty Rat a welcome chance to have another go at getting hold of the Magic Boots. He sets off a firework to make people think the meteor is coming.
Missing Melchior
15. Missing Melchior
Melchior sets out for a great meeting of inventors on Diamond Mountain. When he reaches the foot of the mountain, he hears cries for help. When Melchior takes a closer look at the cave, he slips and falls into it himself. But Yanna has already guessed that something has happened to Melchior, and she asks Lapitch and Co. to go and look for him.
The Sound of Silence
14. The Sound of Silence
Melchior has invented a key that will open any lock. Unfortunately, no one notices an eavesdropper lurking in the background, overhearing this information. It's Dirty Rat, and he is determined to get hold of that key. He plans to rob the circus till.
Percival the Pest
13. Percival the Pest
Percival, a little pig, is new in the village. He's very charming, specially to Lisa, but really he is deceiving everyone and wins the sympathies of all, except for the ones Lapitch. Percival's true nature is revealed when he becomes an ally to dirty rat. But at least he has learned his lesson and Lapitch generoussly offers to be friends with him after all.
A Haunting We Will Go
12. A Haunting We Will Go
Lapitch and Co. are delivering mended shoes, and offering heir services on the road. Their last call on this round is at a castle. As they arrive, they hear ghostly sounds in the castle. Lapitch and his friends track the sounds to their source ...
Gibbering Goldfish
11. Gibbering Goldfish
Melvin is out fishing. He's in luck - he catches a goldfish. But when he lands it he can hardly believe his ears: the fish can talk. Its name is Joshua. And as everyone knows, if you throw a talking fish back in the water, it will grant your wish. Melvin takes the talking fish to Lapitch and Co while he decides what to wish for.
All that Glistens
10. All that Glistens
Lapitch awakes withwith stolen valuables on his lap. The Mayor condemns him to a stint of street sweeping as a punishment. Only his friends believe in his innocence. After another theft, of which Lapitch is also suspected, he takes on his own defense. And thanks to his greed for a gold clock, Dirty Rat falls into the trap. Lapitch has his good reputation back.
What Goes Up...
9. What Goes Up...
Melchior has invented a shoemaking machine. In just a few seconds Lisa has a new pair of shoes made out of a peculiar gel. Suddenly a hot-air balloon appears in the middle of the market place. Melchior, Yanna, Lapitch and Co. want to retrieve it, but the balloon is a trap devised by Dirty Rat.
The Candy Man
8. The Candy Man
Melchior has thought up a great invention - a candymaking machine! The recipe for the candies is stolen by Dirty Rat, alias Mr. Clean. Lapitch and Lisa have set out in search of the recipe, and thanks to the Magic Boots they soon reach the Candy Man's castle and arrive just in time, before Mr. Clean can sell the recipe to the Candy Man.
The great Slipper Slip Up
7. The great Slipper Slip Up
Lisa can't believe her eyes, Cinderella's granddaughter knocks at the workshop door. This Cinderella has a Prince and a glass slipper too, but the slipper has smashed into a thousand pieces - and the Prince can marry no one but the girl who owns such a slipper. Since Lapitch can't make glass slippers, Lisa takes Cinderella to see Mr. Blower, who has mastered the art of glassblowing.
Thanks for the Remedy
6. Thanks for the Remedy
Yanna is sick: she has a rash all over! And it looks as if she has infected Melchior. The right remedy calls for secret ingredients such as a cobweb of the red spider, etc. But time is running short: Melchior must take the remedy before sunset, or the sickness threatens to be very dangerous.
Never Kid a Kidnapper
5. Never Kid a Kidnapper
The Mayor orders six pairs of shoes from Lapitch. At the same time, Dirty Rat cooks up a plan to hypnotize Lapitch, so that he can kidnap Melchior to make magic boots for him. Melchior is accordingly "kidnapped" by the Pazinskys and taken off to Dirty Rat. He is ordered to make Magic Boots. Lapitch and Co. can rescue Melchior from the clutches of Dirty Rat.
The Shoe Queen
4. The Shoe Queen
Lapitch and Co. arrive in a land ruled by the Shoe Queen. All her subjects are barefoot, and have to pay a shoe tax to the Queen Guccinski, in the form of shoes. Dirty Rat is in love with the Queen and hopes to impress her with the Magic Boots. Lapitch, Pico and Brewster go to find the Queen and talk to her, while Lisa and Blurbal go in search of the Magic Boots, which have gone missing.
Very Cross Country
3. Very Cross Country
Melchior, the Great Shoemaker, organizes a race. The winner is to get one of Melchior's own inventions. Dirty Rat thinks it will be possible to make money with such an invention, and he sends Melvin off to enter the race and win it. Switching the direction arrow around, he lures Lapitch and Lisa into the woods, where they are attacked by a wild boar.
The Secret Village
2. The Secret Village
Dirty Rat steals Lapitch's Magic Boots. As they refuse to work any magic for him, he decides to search for the Secret Village, where squirrels with magic powers are said to live. Lapitch, Lisa, Brewster, Pico go in search of the Secret Village, but are kidnapped on the way by the Pazinskys and taken directly to Dirty Rat. Dirty Rat then commands Lapitch to make him a pair of Magic Boots.
Brewster's Birthday
1. Brewster's Birthday
Lapitch, Lisa and Pico are planning a surprise party for Brewster. Because he misinterprets what they say he thinks that they don't like him any more, and he goes sadly away into the woods. There he meets the Pazinskys, who see Brewster as easy prey - he can help them with their circus act. He agrees to help them. Meanwhile, Lapitch and Co., are very anxious: where can Brewster be?
  • Premiere Date
    June 16, 2024
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (65)