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  • 2022
  • 1 Season

Mighty Minds Literacy is a children's educational show that airs on Noggin, a popular children's television network. The aim of the show is to teach young children the fundamentals of reading and writing, and to promote literacy. The show features a group of friendly and colorful characters who guide children through a series of engaging and interactive activities designed to help them develop their literacy skills. These characters are known as the Mighty Minds, a team of clever and curious creatures who are passionate about reading and writing.

Throughout each episode, the Mighty Minds explore different aspects of literacy, including letters, phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. They use fun and interactive games and puzzles to help children learn, and encourage them to get involved and participate in the activities. The show is designed to be engaging and interactive, with plenty of opportunities for children to interact with the characters and the content.

One of the key components of the show is the use of storytelling. The Mighty Minds use storytelling to help children understand the importance of reading and writing, and to help them develop their own storytelling skills. They also show children how to use their imagination to create their own stories, and encourage them to share these stories with others.

Another important aspect of the show is its focus on promoting diversity and inclusivity. The Mighty Minds come from all different backgrounds and cultures, and they celebrate their differences throughout the show. They encourage children to embrace diversity and to appreciate the unique qualities that make each person special.

Overall, Mighty Minds Literacy is a fun and engaging show that promotes literacy and encourages children to become actively involved in their own learning. With its colorful characters, interactive activities, and focus on diversity and inclusivity, the show is sure to captivate young viewers and inspire them to become lifelong learners.

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Rubble Rumble
8. Rubble Rumble
February 27, 2023
Let's RUMBLE! Get ready to rumble with Rubble as he blends two different letters to make a new sound!
Family Reunion
7. Family Reunion
October 17, 2022
Family Reunion: Welcome to the Hotel Noggin! Marshall and the Noggin Bellhop are checking in their guests for the Word Family Reunion, when a letter C appears! Let's see what word families the letter C belongs in!
Beach Day
6. Beach Day
September 19, 2022
Beach Day: Surfs up! It's a beautiful day for a treasure hunt! Join AJ and the Noggins as they write letters in the sand to find buried treasure!
Song Squad
5. Song Squad
August 22, 2022
Song Squad: Welcome to the Noggin Marching Band! Are you ready to play some animal songs for Skye's Song Squad? Skye leads the band to drum the correct number of syllables for each animal.
Pirate Picnic
4. Pirate Picnic
July 18, 2022
Pirate Picnic: What a nice day for a Pirate Picnic! Help Santiago and the Noggins magically draw things to life to get to the Picnic Palace!
Story Machine
3. Story Machine
June 13, 2022
Story Machine: Check out Marshall's super cool Story Machine! If you can put the events in the right order, first, next, last, you'll hear a magical story!
2. Alphaboogie
May 16, 2022
Alphaboogie: Are you ready to Alphaboogie?! Learn the letters of the alphabet with Molly and the Noggins at their alphabet dance party!
Bucket Bistro
1. Bucket Bistro
April 4, 2022
Join Molly in her Bucket Bistro as she helps her Noggin chef understand detailed orders and make amazing food!
  • Premiere Date
    April 4, 2022