Naked and Afraid of Love

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  • 2021
  • 1 Season

Naked and Afraid of Love is a dating reality show on the streaming platform discovery+. The show brings together 16 single men and women who are looking for love, adventure and a chance to test their survival skills in the wild. The twist? They are completely naked from the beginning of the show, with no shelter, food, or water. The contestants are dropped off in a remote location, where they have to live off the land for 21 days while getting to know each other in the hopes of finding love.

The show is hosted by actress and comedian Nikki Glaser, who provides commentary throughout the episodes. The series is filmed in the beautiful and untamed lands of Panama, and the contestants must navigate through the dense forests, rugged terrain, and various wildlife that dwell within.

The show starts with the contestants meeting for the first time and being paired off into couples. The couples are assigned to a specific area, where they must fend for themselves and find food and water to survive. While the contestants are initially shy and cautious around each other, they soon begin to open up as they share intimate moments and form strong connections.

As the days go by, the contestants have to face a series of challenges, from finding potable water to building their own shelter. The tasks test their physical and mental limits, and force them to rely on each other in order to succeed.

Throughout the show, each couple must confront their feelings for each other, and decide if they want to continue the relationship outside the show. Additionally, they must decide if they want to stay with their current partner or switch to someone new, which adds an element of drama and tension to the show.

The show also features heartwarming moments where contestants must support each other through their struggles, and moments of levity when contestants manage to find humor in their predicament. The show is a testament to the human spirit, showing how people can come together and form strong bonds in the most difficult of circumstances.

Overall, Naked and Afraid of Love is a unique and interesting take on the dating show genre. It combines the thrill of survivalist shows with the drama and romance of dating shows. With beautiful scenery and engaging contestants, the show is a must-watch for fans of either genre.

Naked and Afraid of Love is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on August 30, 2021.

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Clothes On, Gloves Off
12. Clothes On, Gloves Off
November 7, 2021
Revelations of a shirtless selfie and a drunken hookup rock the reunion. A raucous Nashville night threatens one couple. Michael's flirtatious texts to another woman has Britt seeing red. Can Candice and Crystal be a same-sex couple in the real world?
Why Are We Not Making Out?
11. Why Are We Not Making Out?
October 31, 2021
Tension's high as the couples decide to leave together or split up. Crystal is on edge as Candice decides if she can date a woman in the real world. Britt sees red flags with Michael. Single mom Cassalei is not sure if manchild Jay is the right choice.
Official or Island Dismissal?
10. Official or Island Dismissal?
October 24, 2021
The last night in paradise, tensions and a storm tests each couple. Crystal grows frustrated with Candice, Michael sees yellow flags with Britt and Cassalei wonders if Jay will be enough in the real world.
Stef Up or Stef Off
9. Stef Up or Stef Off
October 17, 2021
Arielle confronts Stefen about their status, sending shockwaves through camp. Michael reveals a darker side that tests everything with Britt. When Crystal struggles, Candice tries to comfort her. Three people can't find love and go home.
A Sticky Situationship
8. A Sticky Situationship
October 10, 2021
Bennett reignites sparks with Britt and sets off a firestorm from Michael and the others are caught in the crossfire. Is a steamy date between Stef and Ari a step toward commitment or the beginning of the end? One single calls it quits.
I Kissed a Girl
7. I Kissed a Girl
October 3, 2021
Crystal takes Candice to a romantic waterfall and makes her move. Will a secret exposed be the beginning of the end for Cass and Jay? Bennett's new play for Britt could cause waves with Michael.
Flex on the Beach
6. Flex on the Beach
September 26, 2021
Will Cassalei's ultimatum make Jay, the island fboy, change his ways? Bennett is stuck on Britt, but a cliff jump with Rachel could mean a change of heart. Arielle is left on the sideline when Stefen makes a move on Crystal. One single calls it quits.
Size Does Matter
5. Size Does Matter
September 19, 2021
When Britt decides bigger is better, Bennett is kicked to the curb. Crystal and Candice stay behind to explore a connection they didn't see coming, and Jay plays the field telling Cassalei he may just be an FBoy.
Island Heatwave
4. Island Heatwave
September 12, 2021
Jay and Britt get intimate, leaving Candice stranded. Cass breaks up Barak and Chelsea, but will it last? Crystal sets her sights on a surprising new romantic partner as the groups merge together.
Tinder Gone Wild
3. Tinder Gone Wild
September 5, 2021
More naked singles equals more fun. Sparks fly when Candice teaches Jay Hot Hula. Britt has a new crush, leaving Bennett beached. Rachel dives headfirst into Michael. Two unlucky lovers leave the island.
Thirsty in Paradise
2. Thirsty in Paradise
August 29, 2021
Primal attractions take over as new connections are made. Bennett and Britt get physical and Candice plots to get him back. Cassalei falls hard for Jay. Rachel focuses on Stefen, leaving Arielle on the sidelines.
The Accidental Erection
1. The Accidental Erection
August 30, 2021
Sixteen singles bare it all for a chance at love. Barak finds it hard to hide his attraction for Lauren, while a love triangle forms around Bennett, Candice and Britt. Rachel and David set their sights on hot couple Stefan and Arielle.
Naked & Afraid of Love Trailer
101. Naked & Afraid of Love Trailer
August 13, 2021
Anything goes as 16 adventurous singles bare it all and look for true love in a tropical island paradise. In this 10-part series, can they find true love in the nude and without using apps, filters or swipes?
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Naked and Afraid of Love is available for streaming on the discovery+ website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Naked and Afraid of Love on demand at Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime and Philo.
  • Premiere Date
    August 30, 2021