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  • 2022
  • 5 Seasons
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The reality show Ugliest House in America premiered on discovery+ in 2022 with Dan Kilkenny and Dejanae Gibson as the hosts. The show aimed to find the most shoddy, rundown, and aesthetically displeasing homes across the country, and transform them into beautiful and livable spaces.

The premise of the show was to identify houses that were not only ugly but also needed significant renovations on the interior and exterior. The hosts visited homes in different states across America, where they looked at everything from the landscaping to the architecture, windows, doors, roofs, and walls.

The homeowners, who were typically in dire need of renovations, welcomed the hosts and the team with open arms. They outlined their vision for their ideal home, highlighting where they would like changes to be made, and sharing their color preferences and design inspirations. In most instances, their ideas were diametrically opposed to the current state of the homes they were residing in.

The team of builders and designers got to work, using their expertise to elevate the existing structure and breathe new life into the house. They used materials like wood, metal, glass, and bricks, and updated appliances and fixtures to give the homes a modern and stylish look. Each episode showed viewers the transformation process from start to finish, with the end result being awe-inspiring.

Throughout the show, Dan Kilkenny and Dejanae Gibson made numerous contributions that helped make the entire experience enjoyable, informative, and engaging. Dan, who is an experienced builder and designer, pieced together the vision shared by the homeowner, the designers, and the builders to ensure that the finished product was something that they would love.

Dejanae, on the other hand, added a sense of style and warmth to the show. As a professional stylist, she was able to assist homeowners in choosing the right décor, color schemes, and lighting that suited their taste and preference. She also gave great advice on how homeowners can upgrade their home on their own, cheaply and easily.

The show is not just about the aesthetics of the home; it also addresses environmental concerns. The team focused on using eco-friendly products and processes, which not only conserved energy but also had the potential to cut down on utility bills.

The series is not just entertaining but also informative. Viewers learned everything from the basics of home improvement to the fine details of sourcing sustainable materials to get the job done. The team shared tips for restoring and upgrading homes independently, which they can carry with them for future projects.

Ugliest House in America's production team also set a great standard for inclusive representation. They highlighted some episodes dedicated to disabled veterans and a few underrepresented entrepreneurs. The show provided an inspiring message that the American dream is attainable, and with the right amount of patience and technique, the sky's the limit.

One unique aspect of the show was how it achieved its goal of transforming the ugliest homes in America while also highlighting the incredible potential that all homes had. The show taught that an ugly house was just a house that needed some love and care.

In conclusion, Ugliest House in America is a remarkable show that offers viewers an opportunity to see the enormous potential that lies within every home. The hosts, Dan Kilkenny and Dejanae Gibson, are both talented and engaging with a wealth of knowledge in the subject, and they come with a team of experts who combine to produce an exceptional home improvement show. Whether you're a DIY aficionado or a homeowner looking for inspiration, this show provides high-quality content that can't be missed.

Ugliest House in America is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2022.

Ugliest House in America
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From Ugly to Glamorous
6. From Ugly to Glamorous
May 20, 2024
The road trip comes to an end as Retta reveals the winner of Ugliest House in America! Then, the winning house receives a $150,000 renovation from HGTV's Alison Victoria, transforming their once-ugly house into a once-in-a-lifetime dream home.
The Nasty Northeast
5. The Nasty Northeast
May 13, 2024
Three unattractive homes in the Northeast compete for a $150,000 makeover from designer Alison Victoria! It's located between a house that was previously a men's club, a residence with a penchant for all things Italian, and a wild location with far too many shelves.
A Northern Kind of Ugly
4. A Northern Kind of Ugly
May 7, 2024
Three homes in the Northern Region duke it out for a chance at a $150,000 home makeover from HGTV designer Alison Victoria! It's between a realistic stone castle, a colorful house made out of concrete and a '70s throwback with carpets galore.
Southwestern Ugly
3. Southwestern Ugly
April 29, 2024
Three ugly homes in the Southwest battle for the chance at a $150,000 makeover by designer Alison Victoria! It's between a customized nightmare, a cowboy-themed dome under a mountain and a retro house with too many shag carpets.
The Unpleasant Pacific Northwest
2. The Unpleasant Pacific Northwest
April 22, 2024
Three ugly homes in the Pacific Northwest square off for the chance at a $150,000 makeover courtesy of designer Alison Victoria! It's between a house full of mirrors, a giant maze-like octagon and an outdated house full of random decor.
The Hideous Midwest
1. The Hideous Midwest
April 22, 2024
Three ugly homes in the Midwest vie for the chance at a $150,000 makeover by designer Alison Victoria! It's between a bird-loving house, a house with too many kitchens and a former party pad that once housed reptiles.
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    January 3, 2022
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    7.5  (371)