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This is the story of a former fat woman's love and work, as she cycles between being thin and rebounding. A sweet, and slightly bitter story of how she overcomes the hurdles of life with her fatso power and struggles to find her best weight, and who she really is. At age 20, she weighed 78 kilograms, but after being rejected by a guy she went on a massive diet and got down to 45 kilograms.

Fuji Creative Corporation
1 Season, 10 Episodes
April 27, 2011
Cast: Saki Aibu, Mokomichi Hayami
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  • Nobuko (Aibu Saki) decides to take over her family's tonkatsu restaurant business. Kensaku (Katsuji Ryo) quits his job to propose to her, but she rejects him.

  • Nobuko's (Aibu Saki) father collapses with a heart attack. His surgery is a success, but he loses his appetite and energy, and decides to close shop.

  • Nobuko (Aibu Saki) chooses her friendship with Hitomi (Kuriyama Chiaki) over her relationship with Taichi (Hayami Mokomichi), and breaks up with him. But Hitomi leaves the condo as well, leaving Nobuko with two losses at once.

  • Nobuko (Aibu Saki) catches Hitomi (Kuriyama Chiaki) crying to Taichi (Hayami Mokomichi). Hitomi insists she was just drunk, and Nobuko says she understands, but a storm brews inside of her.

  • Having rebounded, Nobuko (Aibu Saki) and Taichi (Hayami Mokomichi) break up in a fight. Neither can focus on their work, and both are tempted by other people.

  • Nobuko's ex, Kensaku (Katsuji Ryo) prepares a hotel for Nobuko (Aibu Saki). Knowing Nobuko (Aibu Saki) and Taichi (Hayami Mokomichi) had promised to break up if either grew fat, he'd plotted to make her rebound.

  • Nobuko (Aibu Saki) and Taichi (Hayami Mokomichi) are finally together. But neither knew that the other had secretly been taking a weightloss drug with serious side-effects.

  • Nobuko (Aibu Saki) rebounds to 78kg after she makes a "Shortcake of Love" with Taichi (Hayami Mokomichi). He doesn't recognize her, and she can't tell him what'd really happened to her.

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